Saya : U Ba Than

U Ba Than
  • Birthday : October 2, 1930
  • U Ba Than celebrated his birthdays with meritorious deeds.
    He usually offered soon to the monks at Tipitaka Yaw Sayadaw.
    He would invite his colleagues and former students to the Soon Kwyay.
  • The Class of 69 — mostly M69ers — would pay respect to Saya around his birthday.

78th Birthday in 2008

  • There was a special Gathering for Saya’s 78th Birthday (which fell on a Thursday).
  • Maung Sein Win (Padeegone) paid respect with a Kabyar.
  • Saya handed out his Memoirs to the attendees.

82nd Birthday in 2012

  • The following photos are from the Soon Kyway.

88th Birthday in 2018

  • He offered the Birthday Soon Kyway at Tipitaka Yaw Sayadaw’s Kyaung.
  • He also donated the Garawa money that he had received (e.g. from the SPZPs and his former students) to charities.
  • The charities include :
    Little Sisters for the Poor,
    Mary Chapman’s school for Deaf & Dumb,

90th Birthday in 2020

  • Due to the pandemic, Soon Kyway was scaled down.
  • Birthday celebrations were done via Zoom Meetings.
  • U Tin Htoon (A60) and U Htaik San (Henry Kao, M80) compiled a Photo Book as the Birthday Present.

91st Birthday in 2021

  • Due to the pandemic and security issues, the public celebrations were put on hold.


  • Saya enjoys the company of his colleagues, friends and former students.
    U Wynn Htain Oo remembered Saya’s “Kha Na Nay Bar Ohn” requests.
  • Saya U Win, U Hla Win, and U Aung Moung (GBNF) offered Transportation to attend the SPZPs and Gatherings.
  • U Tha Htay organized Mechanical Sayas a trip (around the SPZP-2012).
  • Saya U Tun Shwe took extra care of Saya U Ba Than for the Singapore SPZPs.
  • Sayas and alumni in Singapore helped Saya U Ba Than during his trips for medical check up and treatment.
  • Saya was a Core Supporter of the HMEE project.
    He donated many photos.
    He also coordinated with U Thaw Kaung to provide Saya U Soe Paing & team access to the Archives of Rangoon University Central Library.
  • See related posts.


  • Aung Min :
    I talked with Saya on 25/11/21.
    He is fine , now 92

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