Rangoon Institute of Technology

SDYF Goals *

U Moe Aung
  • Thanks to Saya U Moe Aung (Patron) — for championing SDYF and also for disseminating the SDYF news — and to everyone who helped transform the SDYF vision into reality in a remarkably short time.
  • As Saya U Moe Aung often mentioned, there are short term and long term goals of SDYF.
  • Kudos to the countless volunteers organizers and supporters (including family members and friends).
  • Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu for the donors / donations
    single and repeated, large and small, in cash and kind.
  • Special mention to the Executive Committee members for not adding a single kyat as overhead for SDYF-related activities.
    Their dedication and desire to repay the metta and cetana of their mentors is transcendental.
  • Some sayas need physical, financial, and spiritual assistance.
  • Some sayas often give back the Garawa money and Financial Aid for Health Care
    to SDYF or donate to other (equally) worthy causes.
    They express their joy mingling with their former colleagues and mentees.
  • Saya Ge Ha” is an excellent step forward to cater to the social needs of our aging and needy sayas.
  • SDYF Bulletin” will reiterate and clarify the objectives, to record the SDYF activities, to solicit ideas for improving ways and means to help past, present, and future engineers.

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