RUESU Magazine 1952-53 *

  • RUESU (Rangoon University Engineering Students’ Union) is separate from RUSU (Rangoon University Students’ Union).
  • RUESU published seven Annual Magazines.
  • U Aw Taik Moh (C54) was a member of the Magazine Committee for 1952-53.
  • The scanned pages show some sayas.
  • Saya U Ba Hli was the first native Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Rangoon University.
    He proposed the “Twinning Program” with the prestigious universities in the USA.
  • Saya U Aung Hla was Professor of Mathematics.
  • Saya C. Ping Lee (Old Paulian) was Lecturer in Electrical Engineering.
    He is the father or Dr. Win Aung (M62).
  • Saya U Sein Hlaing was Assistant Lecturer in Electrical Engineering.
  • Saya H Num Kok was Assistant Lecturer in Civil Engineering.
    He is a saya of our sayas (e.g. Dr. Aung Gyi)
  • Saya U Hla Tin was Assistant Lecturer in Civil Engineering.
  • Mr. B. Aung Gyaw was Workshop Superintendent.
  • There were visiting Professors (e.g from MIT).
  • Professor Murray Horwood recommended brilliant Burmese Engineering Students to study at MIT.

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