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  • Established by San Francisco Bay Area Literary Lovers
  • Group Sponsors
  • Individual Sponsors


  • Annual Talks
  • Ad hoc Talks
  • Past Speakers
    Kyemon U Thaung (GBNF)
    Tin Moe(GBNF)
    Maung Swan Yi
    Director Win Pe
    Chit Oo Nyo
    Maung Sein Win (Padeegone)
    Maung Phone (Dhatu)
    Khin Maung Than
    Shwe Ku May Hnin
    Khet Mar
    Aung Way
    Min Ko Naing
    Aw Pi Kye

SF Bay Area 2018

Five RIT Alumni

There was a Micro-gathering of five RIT alumni taken at the San Francisco Bay Area Literary Talks 2018.

  • Myint Soe (M79, Sponsor)
  • Win Htut (M81)
  • Aw Pi Kyeh (Win Naing, M82, Speaker)
  • San Lin (Maung Lu Pay, M87, Sponsor)
  • Hla Min (EC69)

Aw Pi Kyeh gave a talk titled “Made in Myanmar“. He is President of the Myanmar Cartoonists Association. During his RIT days, he served as Secretary of the RIT Cartoonists Association. He was a contributor and maintainer of the “RIT Cartoon Box” (which was an old telephone kiosk/booth with cartoons pasted from the inside). He also drew cartoons under the name “Mann Bei”.

Ko Myint Soe, Ko San Lin … are among the sponsors of the Talks.

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