Rangoon Institute of Technology

RIT : EE Sayas

RIT Electrical Engineering Sayas


  • U Soe Paing
  • U Thein Lwin (GBNF, Passed away in Singapore)
  • U Tin Swe (GBNF)
  • U Sein Hlaing (GBNF)
  • U Kyaw Tun (GBNF)
  • U Sein Win (GBNF)
  • U San Tint (GBNF)


  • U Soe Min (GBNF)
  • U Chin Way (GBNF, Passed away in USA)
  • U Win Tin
  • U Ba Myint
  • U Nyi Nyi (was in UK)
  • U Moe Aung
  • U Sein Maung

Absent in the photo

  • U Myo Kyi (On deputation)
  • U Ba Lwin (On deputation)
  • U Tin Maung Thein (On deputation)
  • U Khaing Oo (Missed the photo shoot)


  • For the Commemorative Issue of Swel Daw Yeik Sar Saung for SPZP-2010, I wrote about the 14 EE Sayas in the Photo.
  • Saya U Moe Aung (Tekkatho Moe War, Chief Editor) suggested the title : “A Short and Sad Clip : EE Sayas”.
  • At the time of writing, Seven sayas — U Kyaw Tun, U Sein Hlaing, U Tin Swe, U Sein Win, Dr. San Tint, U Soe Min and U Chin Way — had passed away.
    There was no information about U Nyi Nyi who went for studies in the UK.
  • A few years back, U Thein Lwin and his spouse Daw May Than Nwe passed away in Singapore within a few months of each other.
  • The remaining Sayas from the Photo are U Moe Aung, U Sein Maung, U Ba Myint, Dr. Win Tin, and U Soe Paing.
  • Note that four EE sayas did not appear in the Photo.
    Three were studying abroad (On Deputation).
    One missed the Photo Shoot.
U Moe Aung (Pon Tu)
U Moe Aung (Caricature)
U Ba Myint (Pon Tu)


  • Htun Aung :

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