Win Thein (M67, GBNF)

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  • During our RIT days, U Win Thein (M67) was a super energetic organizer and a prime mover.
  • Co-founded “Set Hmu Thadizin Zin”.
    Typing and drawing on “stencil paper” are not easy, but he spent time crafting the stencils into the revered weekly Thadinzin.
  • Co-founded the Magazine for the RIT Mechanical Engineering Association.
  • Suggested to name the main gate as “U Lu Paw Gate” (after the famous cartoon character from “Burma Star”).
  • Organized ad hoc “mini-festivals” for the freshers and the junior students.
  • Member of the Gold Flake.
    Inherited the business acumen and organization skills from his parents and uncles.
  • Worked for Sittaung Paper Mill and PCIC.
  • After retiring from government service, he founded a successful business.
  • Sad to note that he did not live long enough to see the world-wide SPZPs, Swel Daw Yeik Foundation, Alumni Association, “History of University Engineering Education in Burma/Myanmar”, and Shwe YaDu.

The following are some who remembered the contributions of U Win Thein very well.

  • U Tin Maung Aye (M69), Member of RIT Ah Nu Pyinnya Troupe, Member of RIT Annual Magazine, and co-worker at PCIC.
    U Tin Maung Aye has two photos of U Win Thein (one at RIT, one at PCIC)
  • U Aung Min (M69), Chair of 69er Health Care Fund and Organizer for the Class of 69
  • U Thein Swe (EP69), RIT 3rd BE Luyechun and Organizer of EE69er Gatherings
  • U Maung Maung Kyi (Dip Ing), co-worker at Sittaung Paper Mill and PCIC
  • Sayama Daw Tin Tin Myint (Emma, ChE70), co-founder of Dana Sri Lanka, Organizer of Singapore Pon Chan Chan Group
  • U Wynn Htain Oo (M72), Super Fund raiser for RIT-related activities including SPZPs, YTU Library Modernization Project, Patron of RITAA

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