Volleyball (Notes)

Video Broadcast : #147
December 22, 2020

SEAP Games Volleyball Champions

by U Aye (M62, RU Selected), HIC/FAO/UN(Retired)

Ko Kyaw Han from RU Forestry was Burma selected player in 1961 SEAP Games in which Burma won gold medal. The team was led by Ko Kyaw Nyunt (1), we called him Ah Kogyi.

  • Ko Kyaw Nyunt (1), Record Office, Defence Services, Captain
  • Ko San Aye, 5th Buriff.
  • Ko Soe Myint, RODS
  • Ko Ohn Shwe, RODS
  • Ko Maung Ni, RODS
  • Ko Kyaw Nyunt (2), Insein, (Burma Railways)
  • Ko Tin Ohn, Insein, (Burma Railways)
  • Ko Kyaw Han, RU
  • Ko San Dwe, 5th Buriff
  • The Coach was U Myat Tun Aung.

Burma selected team came to practice with our RU team almost daily before the game.

Ko Nay Aung (RU), Ko Shwe Kyaw (M63), and I (Ko Aye(M62)) were called in to participate in the team of judges for the volleyball in the SEAP games (in December 1961).


  • Side Out Scoring
    15 points per game
    Best of Three
  • Rally Scoring
    25 points per game
    Best of Five
    5th game : 15 points
  • Outdoor (Beach)
    21 points per game
    Best of Three
    3rd game : 15 points


  • World Championship
  • Olympics
  • National
  • Inter-Institute


Volleyball is played by two teams of six players each. Players may have roles (e.g. striker, lifter). Some teams had four strikers and two lifters. Some teams prefer to have five strikers and a lifter. A few teams have all players do the spiking and lifting.

There are rule changes over the years. In the early days, only the serving team can score. Later, any team (serving or defending) can score, but the game score was raised to 25.

We saw a documentary on how Japan selected and trained tall and/or strong females with no [international] experience to compete in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Japan won the gold medal for Women’s Volleyball.

Beach Volleyball is played by two teams of two players each. Each player has to lift and strike.

Burma Selected

Ko Thar Din (EC79), who represented RIT and Burma, moved to the USA.

Other non-alumni who represented Burma include Ko Than Soe (3rd of 9 Wan brothers from St. Paul’s) and Ko Ohn Shein.

Early selected :
Members of the SEAP Games Championship Team,
U Tin Maung Swe,
U Khin Maung Htwe,


Ko Aung Khin (M67), Saw Edison (EP69) and Saw Orson (A) represented RIT.

Per Ko Hla Kyi (EC77), RIT Volleyball team was Insein Township champion for 3 times around 1975 – 77. More than 2/3 of RIT students are Insein Township Volleyball selection.

Ko Aye Thein, Sa Maung Maung, Ko Myint Maung (Bu) and Saw Edison (all EP69) represented EE in the Inter Department tournament.


UCC staff (Saya U Ko Ko Lay, U Kyaw Nyein, U Thein Oo, …) and some users played friendly matches. Ma Judy (Nwe Nwe Win) was often the sixth player on the men’s team.

Rangoon University Volleyball activities from 1958-62
Contributed by U Aye (M 62), HIC, FAO/ UN (Retired)

I arrived first year Engg. in 1958-59, playing for Prome Hall. Team members ā€“ Ko Hla Aye (M59) Capt. ( Also Capt of Moulmein district volleyball team and Capt of RU football team), Ko Tin Nyunt (Mr RU and Mr Burma, junior), Ko Aye (M62), Ko Ba Swe (C 60), Bran Dev (C 59) (RU football forward), Ko Than Aung, (Prome hall football team), and Ko Boon Hoke. Our team was one of the strongest teams during 1958-59.

Toungoo Hall- Team members- Ko Aung Than (Capt), Ko Tin Ngwe, Ko Nyi Nyi, Ko Tar, Ko Shwe Kyaw, Ko Hla Thein. Toungoo Hall won the Inter- Hall tournament during 1958-59.

Ava Hall- Team members ā€“ Ko Tin Mg Swe, Ko Kyaw Han, Ko Soe Myint (Also RU football team), Ko Tin Myint, Ko Nay Aung, Ko Thein Han, Ko Soe Nyein.

Ko Aye led the Ramanya Hall team in 1959-60 and 1960-61, in 1961-62, he played for BIT team along with Ko Shwe Kyaw, Ko Tin Win, Ko Aye Kyu, Ko Ohn Kyaw, Ko Aung Myint, Ko Soe Myint, Ko Kyaw San Win.

Inter district volleyball tournament followed after inter hostel tournament.

Moulmein district team- Ko Hla Aye (Capt), Prome Hall, Ko Tin Nyunt (Prome Hall), Ko Aye ( Prome Hall), Ko Aung Myint , Ko Ang Ku, Ko Kyaw Win (Amara Hall). Ko Aye (Capt) led the Moulmein district team in (1959-60, 1960-61, 1961-62). From 1959-62, Ko Tun Lwin (Thaton Hall), JK Sinha (Medical) and Ko Thein Ngwe were selected for the team.

Prome district team- Ko Tin Mg Swe, Ko Kyaw Han, Ko Soe Nyein, Ko Soe Myint, Ko Tin Myint, Ko Thein Han. ( Prome District won the Inter-district tournament during 1958-59).

Mandalay Hall became a prominent team in later years, led by Ko Pyone ( also RU footballer), Saw Bio Sonny ( also RU footballer). Ko Pyone and Bio Sonny also played for Pyapon district team.

Thanlyin District team- Ko Nay Aung, Ko Tar, Ko Hla Kyi and co.

Tharawaddy District team- Ko Nyi Nyi (Toungoo hall), Ko Thein Han and co.

Mandalay Hall ā€“ Ko Pyone, Ko Bio Sonny, Ko Kyaw Oo and co.

Pyapon District team- Ko Pyone, Ko Bio Sonny, Ko Kyaw Oo and co.

After I graduated in 1962, Ko Shwe Kyaw told me that a new RUVC was elected with Ko Tin Ngwe ( Toungoo hall) as President and Ko Kyaw Oo as Secretary for 1962-63. Probably Ko Shwe Kyaw was also in the EC.

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