U Silananda [1] *

Sayadaw U Silananda was a Trail Blazer for the Burmese monks doing Dhamma Duta missions in the USA and beyond.

Last Journey

  • Sayadaw (Rector, IMBTU and Chief Resident Monk, Dhammananda Vihara, Half Moon Bay, California) passed away on August 13, 2005.
  • I had the honor to serve as Master of Ceremonies at the Services.
  • 50+ Theravada monks from Burma, USA, and UK paid respect to Sayadaw.
  • Sayadaw U Nandamalabhivamsa (then Pro-Rector, Academic, IMBTU) and Dr. Myint Kyi (then Pro-Rector, Admin, IMBTU) attended the ceremonies as Representatives of IMBTU.
  • “The sun that rose in the East has set in the West” proclaimed Sitagu Sayadaw.
  • Sayadaw was cremated.
  • I had the honor to carry the box containing Sayadaw’s ashes to be scattered from a yacht into the waters near Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Saya U Myat Htoo (C68, President of TBSA) led the procession.
  • Sayadaw’s last journey is recorded as a 2-set DVD.

Paying Homage

I served as a Contributing Editor and the Committee member for compiling and publishing the book “Paying Homage to Sayadaw U Silananda”.

In August, 2015, the saydaws and devotees of Dhammananda Vihara to celebrated the 10th Anniversary of Sayadaw’s demise. Photos taken at the event are posted here.

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