Saya Zaw’s Family *

The family of Saya U Aung Zaw (Sydney, Australia) — Daw Kyawt, San Tint Tint Zaw, Ant Bwe Zaw, Nyan Htet Zaw, Grandchildren — thanks all those around the world who sent messages and donations during the recent bereavement.

In Saya Zaw’s memory, the family donated AUD5000 to the Metta Foundation (which provides health care to the elderly and the needy).

The family also offered requisites to the Sangha in Sydney.

The dhamma friends at the Yennora Burmese Monastery helped with the Soon Kwyay.

U Myint Lwin (Charles) coordinated the three Ah Hlu in Thanatpin, Myanmar :

  • Two nights offering Lights
  • Two days offering drinking water
  • Soon Kyway

Daw Pyone Yee (Saya Zaw’s older sister in Myanmar) and family performed dana for Saya Zaw.

U Zaw Tun (UCC), family and friends in Singapore hosted Soon Kyway for Saya Zaw.

U Ngwe Soe (UCC, Singapore) earlier donated Saya Zaw’s books to a library (in a monastery) for public access.

Due to relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions, Saya Zaw’s last journey was allowed 45 minutes (instead of 15 minutes) and 60 attendees.

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