Sunlun (Meditation) *

  • U Kavi (Myingyan Sunlun Gu Kyaung Sayadaw)

There are several Meditation Centers which practice the Sunlun Way

  • U Vinaya (Kaba Aye Sunlun Gu Kyaw Sayadaw, GBNF)
  • U Wara (Successor to U Vinaya, GBNF)
  • U Pyinnyawuntha (successor to U Wara)
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The Yogi and Vipassana

  • Author : Sunlun Shin Vinaya
  • Publisher : Sunlun Buddhist Meditation Center
  • 7 1/2 Mile, Prome Road, KabaAye P.O., Rangoon
  • The Yogi and Vipassana (Page 1 – 18)
  • The Sunlun Way of Mindfulness (Page 19 – 33)
  • Explanatory Notes for Beginners and Those Proceeding Along the Sunlun Way of Vipassana (Page 34 – 50)

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