Sayadaws *

  • Ledi Sayadaw
  • Mingun Jetawun Sayadaw
  • Sayadaw U Thitthila
  • Mahagandaryone Sayadaw
  • Mahasi Sayadaw
  • Panditarama Sayadaw
  • Saddhamaransi Sayadaw
  • Chanmyay Sayadaw
  • Mingun Tipitaka Sayadaw
  • Mogok Sayadaw
  • Dhammananda Sayadaw

Maha Thera Ledi Sayadaw U Nyana Daza

  • Prolific writer, an outstanding lecturer, and a teacher of teachers
  • Lay people in Burma were not known to teach Vipassana meditation
  • The Ledi tradition has a lineage of Vipassa teachers who are not ordained monks:
    Sayagyi U Thet,
    Sayagyi U Ba Khin,
    Sayagyi S. N. Goenka


Mingun Jetawun Sayadaw U Narada (1868 – 1955)

  • Credited as one of the major revivers of Vipassana meditation
  • Went to one Mingun Sayadaw, who presumably had studied meditation under Thee Gon Sayadaw, and asked for guidance.
    Was told to study Sattipattha (from the Scriptures) deeply and then practice meditation
  • Prominent disciples : Mahasi Sayadaw and Taung Pulu Sayadaw


Sayadaw U Thittila (1896-1997)

  • Did missionary work in UK
  • Came back to Burma and taught at the Pali Department for several years before continuing his missionary work abroad
  • Lectured in 25+ countries (including US, UK, France)
  • Ovadacariya to Sanagha Maya Nayaka, trustees of renowned pagodas
  • Outstanding teacher and writer
  • Played an important role in reviving Buddhism in India and propagating the study of Abhidhamma
  • Very modest; rarely talked about his many achievements
  • Patamagyaw scholar of all Burma (1918) : selected from among 5000 candidates
  • Panyattisasanahita (1923) : among the 4 out of 150 entrants who passed the toughest monastic examination
  • Studied Sanskrit in India; English in India and England
  • Translated Vibhanga (second of the seven Adbhidhamma texts) from Pali to English : published by the Pali Text Society in 1969 under the title of The Book of Analysis

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Mahagandaryone Sayadaw Ashin Janakabhivamsa

  • Wrote several books in Pali and Burmese
  • Several of his students including Thamane Kyaw Sayadaw and U Hla Myint are teaching “Pali Sikkha (Training)” to lay persons without overwhelming with Pali Grammar

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Mahasi Sayadaw U Sobhana

  • Renowned Meditation Master and author
  • Served as Questioner at the Sixth Buddhist Council held at Kaba Aye, Rangoon, Burma
  • Chief Resident Monk of Mahasi Sasana Yeiktha
  • Mentees : Sayadaws U Pandita, U Kundala, U Janabhivamsa and many meditation teachers

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Panditarama Sayadaw U Pandita

  • Senior disciple of Mahasi Sayadawgyi
  • Renowned Meditation Master and author
  • Succeeded Mahasi Sayadaw U Sobhana at Sasana Yeiktha
  • Established Panditarama

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Saddhamaransi Sayadaw U Kundala

  • Senior disciple of Mahasi Sayadawgyi
  • Outstanding meditation teacherMade Dhamma Duta missions abroad (until his health forced him to stop going on long, tedious trips).
  • His biography (which covers to the age of 85) and his works can be found in


Chanmyay Sayadaw Ashin Janakabhivamsa

  • Practiced vipassana meditation with the instruction of Mahasi Sayadawgyi in 1953-54
  • Served as Palipatiwisodhaka (editor of Pali scriptures) at the Sixth Buddhist Council.
  • Meditation teacher at the Sasana Yeiktha from 1967 – 1977.
  • Member of Mahasi Sayadaw’s Dhamma Dhuta Mission to Europe and US in 1978 – 80
  • Established the Chanmyay Yeiktha Buddhist Meditation Center in Myanmar
    Branches in several countries (e.g. US, Singapore, Australia)


Mingun Tipitaka Sayadaw Ashin Vicittathara

  • The Guinness Book of World Records listed Sayadaw as having an outstanding memory — the best at that time [in 1954].
  • Served as the Chief Reciter (a la Ashin Upali and Ashin Ananda at the First Buddhist Council) at the Sixth Buddhist Council held at KabaAye (World Peace) Pagoda in Rangoon, Burma from 1954 – 1956.
  • Could memorize, recall, and give exposition on 8027 pages of the Buddhist Scriptures known as Tipitaka [“Three Baskets”] :
    Vinaya – Rules of monastic conduct
    Sutta – Buddha’s discourses
    Abhidhamma – Ultimate reality)

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Mogok Sayadaw U Vimala (1899 – 1962)

  • Renowned Vipassana meditation master
  • 500 (or more) audio tapes of Sayadaw’s recordings have been transcribed into books (some e-books), and CDs
    Available at the Mogok Vipassana Meditation Centers
  • Featured in “Yahanda Hnit Poke Ko Htoo Myar” book by Dhammacariya U Htay Hlaing


Dhammananda Sayadaw U Silanandabhivamsa

  • Served as an external examiner for the Pali Department
  • Rector of IMBTU
  • Chief Resident Monk of Dhammananda Vihara
  • Spiritual Advisor of several monasteries and meditation centers
  • Wrote books in Pali, Burmese and English
  • Served as Chief Compiler of the Tipitaka Pali-Myanmar Dictionary for the Sixth Buddhist Council.

In April of 1979, Mahasi Sayadawgi made a Dhamma Duta mission to the US. At the request of the devotees, Sayadawgyi agreed to leave behind Sayadaw U Silanandabhivamsa and Sayadaw U Kelasa as “trail blazers” for the promulgation, preservation, and the promotion of Sasana.

There were no Burmese Buddhist monasteries and/or temples, but the Sayadaws were determined to sacrifice their blissful lives back in their homeland to do whatever they can to do the Sasana work.

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