Lwan Pyay Aung (Poem)


  • Poem by Saya U Nyunt Htay (Met73)
  • Composed for SPZP-2012
  • Published as back cover of a souvenir

by Hla Min

  • One cannot forget the history and sweet memories of one’s alma mater, and one feels that most alumni — near and far — still yearn for the good old days.
  • In front of A Hall, B Hall [C, D, E, F, Halls] friends would tease and prank, yet do no harm. They do not care to find weaknesses in others, and will remain loyal friends. In front of Uttra (North or G) Hall — usually in the evenings — aspiring Ah Nu Pyinnya Shins serenade with love songs aided by guitars, harmonicas and violins.
  • Hear the bells in Building One, Two [Three] ringing once more. Many rush to the classrooms [some spend time on the corridors to enjoy the belles go by]. At night, some “count the numbers” (perhaps playing cards, or actually studying and doing home work).
  • RIT students do not feel outnumbered by RASU [with Burma selected] or Eco at any kind of sports [soccer, volleyball, basketball, swimming, water polo …]. RIT has staunch loud-voiced fans [like “Ajala” Moe Hein].
  • Assembly Hall hosted not just presentations and debates. It also is the home of Geeta See Sar [Musical Evening Extravaganza] with outstanding musicians, composers, vocalists and dancers. Swel Daw Yeik Troupe and Ah Nyeint, Pyazat, … melt our hearts.
  • Cartoon Box [former telephone kiosk] nurtured many cartoonists to share their humor, satire and ideas with the readers searching for Sacca (Truth).
  • Aw Bar Lann (precious memories to the graduates attending the graduation ceremony) is known not also for applause but also for the tongue-in-cheek comments and unruly claps and shouts to the unwary treading the Lann.
  • “Nwe Aye”, “Aung Theik Pan”, “Kan Thar Ya”, “U Chit” …
    Memories from those who spend six years or more.
  • As the examinations near, most try their best [by borrowing books and notes from their friends, by attending crash sessions] to pass the hurdle. On the desks are notes [not neat and tidy] scattered all over. Times and systems change, but most RITians are able to decide the essentials (“Ah Hnit”) from the inessentials (“Ah Kar”).
  • Swel Daw Yeik
    One can never forget the history and [priceless] memories.

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