Hack *

In the early days of Computing, a Hack is defined to be a “useful and/or beautiful piece of code.”

  • Some students, who worked at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Computing Laboratories, preferred working on code rather than attending courses.
  • They feel proud of their Hacks and are addressed as Hackers.
  • Over time, Unethical Hackers emerged.
  • Ethical Hackers also rose to defend against the Unethical Hackers.
  • Most people do no know or care about the difference between Ethical and Unethical Hackers.
  • Ethical Hackers try to break the security of computer systems and applications.
  • They propose solutions to defend the possible attacks of Unethical Hackers.
  • They are known as White Hats.
  • Unethical Hackers inflict damage to hardware, software and data systems.
  • They may steal and sell sensitive information.
  • One study says that it is safer and lucrative to be a Criminal Hacker (also referred to as Cracker) than selling drugs (which can lead to imprisonment and death in some countries).
  • The underground business for malware (viruses, Trojan horses, …) is valued at multi-billion dollars.

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