BIT Volleyball

Team Members

Standing (L to R) : U Aye, Russian staff, U Aye Kyu, U Aung Myint

Sitting : U Tin Win, U Shwe Kyaw, U Ohn Gyaw, U Kyaw San Win, U Myint Soe


  • U Aye (M62) and U Shwe Kyaw (M63, GBNF) also played Volleyball for Rangoon University.
  • U Aye retired from UN/FAO.
    He provided notes about St. Patrick’s High School, sports (Volleyball, Soccer, Track and Field), senior engineering alumni from the 1950s and 1960s.
  • U Shwe Kyaw (M63, GBNF) was Officiating Major for BAF when he perished in a plane crash.
    He is the older brother of U Shwe Zan Aung (SPHS63, GBNF) and Dr. Shwe Tun Kyaw (Vipassana teacher).
    He left behind his spouse (Sayama Daw Khin Toe Myint) and two children.
  • U Tin Win (M62, GBNF) retired as DyCE, RTC.
  • U Ohn Gyaw (C63, GBNF) retired as DyDG, Meteorology Dept.

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