BAPS [2] *

  • BAPS (Burmese American Professionals Society) is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • It was founded as a merger of BEA (comprising of senior engineers) and BASTS (compromising of young engineers, scientists and technologists).
  • Past Presidents of BAPS
    Saya Dr. Nyo Win (M65), Benny Tan (M70) and Maurice Chee (M75).
  • I am a Life Member of BAPS.
  • I served as Contributing Editor for BAPS Newsletter.


  • BAPS published the “BAPS Newsletter”.
  • Henry Lim (U Aung Myint) was the Chief Editor.
    He would later publish the “Golden Padauk” and “Durian” magazines.
  • I served as a Contributing Editor.
  • I wrote an article for Dr. Htay Lwin Nyo (EP74, ex-UCC, GBNF).
    I had the honor to start the incinerator, and later to throw HLN’s ashes in the Santa Cruz waters.

Sample Table of Contents

Article on Dr. Htay Lwin Nyo

Excerpts from the article

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