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In the early days, there were no computers in Burma. IBM (International Business Machines) based in the USA and ICL (International Computers Limited) based in the UK had presence in Burma. Both companies were not ready to introduce computers to Burma. They were supposedly content with leasing unit-record equipment (calculators, tabulators, …) using punched cards (which were “reused” as wrappers of “zee thee htokes”). The companies maintained the machines with their staff. U Aung Khin was the IBM representative in Burma. U Kyaw Tha was the ICL representative in Burma. They were highly paid compared to the Government employees. Due to the policies then in place, IBM might not have “incentives” to introduce computers and computing technology to Burma.

In the early sixties, Saw McCarthy Gyaw (Burma Railways) wanted to “upgrade” to an ICL computer, but the Coup d’etat in 1962 and subsequent restriction of foreign currency exchange (and budget planning rules) “effectively derailed” the idea of “computerization in Burma”.

In the mid sixties, Saya Chit (Dr. Chit Swe) was Head of the Mathematics Department at IE (Institute of Economics). Saya Chit proposed the need of a computer for teaching and research to Saya Nyi Nyi (Dr. Nyi Nyi, then Secretary [Deputy Minister] of Education). Saya Nyi Nyi suggested the scope to be “extended” for a computer to serve the staff and selected students of the Universities and Institutes. Thus, the UCC Project was conceived”. Saya Chit later became Professor at Mathematics at RASU. Saya offered space at the Mathematics Department for the early volunteers of the UCC Project. Saya later obtained permission to use Mandalay Hall for use by the UCC Project before the UCC Building could be completed in Thamaing College Campus.

Saya Chit served as the Founder/Director of UCC. He initiated the academic and training programs. He stressed the importance of technology transfer, leapfrogging technology, knowledge sharing (internally and externally), and challenging the staff and students to try their best. Saya Chit requested Saya Paing (U Soe Paing) to help design and implement the UCC project. Saya Chit also inquired the mother of Saya Myo (U Myo Min), who was working at IBM UK after completing his CA (Chartered Accountant) if Saya Myo would be interested to come back to Burma and help with the UCC project. Saya Paing “recruited” his friend Saya Lay (U Ko Ko Lay, GBNF) to help with the UCC project in general and with the UCC Building Design and Implementation in particular.

It took a long time for UCC up and running. UNDP would be the Funding Agency. UNESCO would be the Executing Agency. Saya Paing’s articles can be downloaded from SCRIB-D.

Note : For several years, Saya Paing tried to recruit his top students — including my cousin U Thaung Lwin (EC66) — to help with the project and become the pioneer computer engineers.
U Thaung Lwin, who was “Top of his class”, received an offer to join IBM BURMA. It was Good News and Bad News. The Good News was that he was offered a reasonably high salary (based on the then salary of engineers joining the Government Departments). The Bad News was that he would have to wait a long time until the first computer was purchased and installed at the CSO Computer Section, He had to maintain the “leased” Unit Record Machines for several years.

Saya TAG (Dr. Tun Aung Gyaw, EC69) was the first and longest volunteer for the UCC Project. Saya Paing transferred from the Department of Electrical Engineering (EE) at RIT to UCC as Manager of the Systems Division. Saya Lay transferred from PWD to UCC. Saya Myo joined UCC. The three served as Managers for Systems, Operations, Applications (Scientific, Business …) .

I was fortunate enough to be a member of GENERATION ZERO along with my mentors and Saya TAG. Saya Paing left UCC in the eighties to pursue a career as Technical Adviser and Consultant for the UN projects in several countries. Saya has documented his experiences from the early States Scholarship in the USA to the UN assignments.

Since there are blanks to be filled in the history of UCC, DCS ICST (Institute of Computer Science and Technology) and UCSY (University of Computer Studies Yangon), several people asked me to take the challenge or at the very least motivate others to share their experience and journey regarding IT in Burma.
Relying on (a) my memory, which is reasonably good but imperfect,
(b) my story telling skills which I inherited from my father, “THIN SAYA”, “MYIN SAYA”, and “KYAR SAYA”, (c) my training in “Communication and Leadership” from Toastmasters International to become a DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster), (d) my experience as a freelance writer, editor, translator, editor, coach, mentor, I have tried my best to prepare material in the form of readable chunks.
I am confident that other interested sayas and alumni will help enhance the document with photos and anecdotes.


The following is a partial list of GBNF (Gone But Not Forgotten) from UCC. Some descriptions are brief. Some entries have been covered in detail in other posts.

Dr. Chit Swe

Saya passed away in Sydney Australia in 2019.

Dr. Tin Maung

Saya succeeded Saya Chit as Director of UCC.

During Saya’s tenure, DCS (Department of Computer Science) and ICST (Institute of Computer Science and Technology) with Saya as Rector were established.

U Ko Ko Lay

Saya helped Saya Chit found UCC.
Saya served as Operations Manager, Scientific Applications Manager, Professor at DCS and ICST

U Aung Zaw

Saya Zaw passed away in Sydney, Australia in 2021.

He wrote lecture guides and manuals with Saya Paing and me.

U Mya Thein

He joined the Department of Commerce, Institute of Economics.
He transferred to UCC as Business Applications Programmer.
He served as Business Applications Manager.
He taught not only at UCC, DCS and ICST, but also at ITBMU (International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University).

U Kyaw Nyein

He joined UCC as Scientific Applications Programmer.
He taught Numerical Methods and/or Numerical Analysis.
He joined UN.
During one UN assignment, he and his team had to be “relocated” due to “war/conflict” in the area.

U Win Naing

He was a Science Scholar.
He attended the 1st batch of M.Sc. (CS) with the Systems Option.

U Hla Min (EP70)

He joined UCC as Chief Operator.
He attended a post-graduate course in UK, where he met his beloved one.
He is an early casualty (passing away at the tender age of 30+).

U Soe Myint (M72)

He joined UCC as Operator.
He attended DAC.
He had training in US (on graphics …)
He taught Mechanical Drawing, AutoCAD … to ICST students.
He retired as Pro-Rector of ICST.

U Khin Maung Aye (M73)

He attended the 1st batch of M.Sc. (CS) with Applications Option.
[I believe] he joined the Burma Railways Computer section.

U Myint Aung (Admin)

He would often drive the E-2000 ferry.
He is a close friend of Ko Khin Maung Zaw’s father.

U Shein Soe Myint

He is from EC83 batch.
He served in various capacities at UCC (Engineering, Teaching …)
He passed away in Singapore while doing his Ph.D.

U Thein Tan

He is a close friend of U Zaw Tun.

U Aung Aung Thein

He is a colleague of Ko Kyaw Zwar Soe.
He served in various capacities at UCC (Engineering, Teaching)

Daw Khin Lay Myint (Admin)

She joined UCC as Secretary.
She became a BC.

Daw Kyu Kyu Lwin

She served as “ad hoc” Tutor for Mathematics Department
She worked for the Operations Division.
She transferred to SSB (Social Security Board) Computer Section.

Daw Win May Thaung

She is a cousin of my middle school class mate Ronnie Hla Maung.
She worked for the Operations Division.

Daw Khin Mya Swe

She completed M.Sc. (CS)
She moved to Lesotho (or similar)

Daw Khin Toe Nyein

She completed M.Sc. (CS)
Her classmates inclue Daw Pale (Pearl) Shein.

Daw Thida Aung

She completed M.Sc. (CS)
Her classmates include Daw Thida Khin.

Daw Khin San Hlaing (Cynthia)

She joined UCC as Librarian.
She attended M.Sc. (CS).
She worked at (or attended) AIT (Asian Institute of Technology).
She migrated to Australia

Daw Nge Ma Than

Her spouse is U Myint Swe.
She taught at UCC, DCS and ICST.
She was a Prisoner of Conscience.

Courses at UCC

Saya Chit was Founder/Director of UCC and Professor of Mathematics Department at RASU. Saya Chit arranged UCC to conduct degree and post-graduate diploma courses under the aegis of the Department of Mathematics, RASU. UCC also conducted training courses for computer users. Several distinguished Professors from US, UK and Europe lectured at UCC as part of the “UCC Project”.

Saya Chit was succeeded as Director of UCC by Saya U Tin Maung (son of Saya U Kar).

Academic courses

The courses given under the aegis of Department of Mathematics include :

  • M.Sc. (CS)
  • DAC

Courses for computer users

  • COC (Computer Orientation Course)
  • CPC (Computer Programming Course)
  • Elective for Honors and Post-graduate in other disciplines
  • Intensive training (e.g. for the Population Census Data Processing)
  • Special training (e.g. for those selected as State Scholars)
  • Planning (e.g. for departments intending to purchase computers)
UCC Course

Win Myint (1) (2) (3)

There were three people at UCC (Universities’ Computer Center) named Win Myint.

Ko Win Myint (1)

U Win Myint and U Maung Maung Lay

He was a High School Luyechun from Beik (Mergui). He was caught off guard when the then new Education System used the controversial ILA (Intelligence Level Aggregate) to determine the admission to the Universities and Institutes. He found himself studying Philosophy along with others who supposedly had “low” ILA scores.

Instead of using the marks directly, the ILA uses a “distribution” of the marks for each subject and gives a score. The ILA system helped students with “balanced” marks. By having marks in the “top tier” for each subject, a student can get reasonably good score.

But a student with “low” marks in one or two subjects (e.g. Burmese and English) would be penalized by the ILA system.

Philosophy is derived from Phil (love of) and Sophy (Wisdom). The highest degree is called Ph.D (Doctorate of Philosophy). It is ironic that students with low ILA scores were forced to major in Philosophy.

Ko Win Myint Gyi is an exception. He was determined to pursue a challenging career. Since he wanted to learn and work with computers, he enhanced his typing skills for both English and Burmese. It was a requirement for the position of Secretary at the newly formed UCC.

Grapevine says that Ko Win Myint’s interview at PSC (Public Services Commission) was fast and smooth. When he said, “I am Bet Thar (or similar meaning ‘I am from Beik (Mergui)'”, the PSC Chairman who was from Beik validated Ko Win Myint’s appointment as Secretary.

Ko Win Myint Gyi not only typed very fast, but he learned Computer Science and Applications quickly and proficiently. He became a programmer.

Ko Win Myint (2)

  • He majored in Mathematics and received Masters.
  • Per U Aung Myint, Ko Win Myint (2) was from SLR Settlement and Land Record dept.
  • He got appointment in UCC as programmer and then got UNV post at PG.

Ko Win Myint (3)

He operated the cyclostyle (Gestener). The lecture guides were printed mostly on Sittaung (Sittang paper) and some on the Ye Ni paper.

Lecture Guides

Some may remember “Introduction to Computers”, “Introduction to Computer Programming” and several Guide Books by Saya U Soe Paing, Saya U Aung Zaw and me. We thank Ko Win Myint (1) and Ko Win Myint (3) for the production.

Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint wrote :

I had a different story about getting a job. I had only done 8 month internship, one of the tutors in medicine was transferred out. When Saya U Ba Than asked whom the professors wanted to replace her, they asked for me. I was called in by the Rector about posting me as tutor. When I told him I could not join not having finished my internship, he was so upset that “You want to erase with your feet, what I has written by hand”. I was made to report for duty. I went back and with the professor’s permission, I returned to finish my internship to get my medical registration.

Soon, my friends and I had to go for interview with PSC. The Chairman of PSC was U Khin Maung Phyu. Both he and Dr U Ba Than were classmates with my father. As I went in U Ba Than said to U Khin Maung Phyu, “Ko Khin Maung Phyu, he is Ko Kyaw Myint’s son and I have already posted him to Department of Medicine.” U Khin Maung Phyu said, “How is your father?” I replied that my father was good. Then he said that I could go !!! Must be the shortest interview in PSC.


I love history (including History of Computing and History of Engineering Education in Burma/Myanmar).

Why should we study History? Saya Dr. Than Tun said, “So that one would not be stupid or dumb.” There’s an old adage, “History repeats itself”.

A historian presents facts. He should not give his opinion.

The historian from Smithsonian said, “There is no single correct history. There are often multiple competing histories.”

I am grateful to my spouse, who said “You should pay back to your alma mater and your country.”

Saya U Tin Maung Nyunt (M60) said that I should record my oral stories and put them to print for posterity. Dr. Mie Mie Thet Thwin (Rector, UCSY) asked if I would like to help with the commemorative issue for the 30th Anniversary of ICST/UCSY.

My beloved parents said, “Any thing that’s worth doing is worth doing well”.

I have shared my memories about the early days of Computing in Burma.

I am revising the posts.

I hope that the readers will help “fill in the blanks” and correct errors and inconsistencies. Collectively, we can turn the posts into a reasonably good document worthy of printing (or at least publish as an e-book).

Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint wrote :

When we conducted the Perinatal Morbidity and Mortality Study, the data analysis was from me at UCC. Ko Ronnie Myo Min and many UCC staff helped us with the data analysis.

Dr. TOKM added :

The next project we did was “Risk Approach in Delivery of MCH Care”. We did a prospective study on the risk of mothers dying during pregnancy and child birth. As the outcome was measured by “relative risk” and “absolute risk” it was much easier to analyse the data.

Our team used 1MB handheld Sinclair computer for our study. Our team did not have monitors nor printers. Your nephew Peter (Khin Tun) worked out RR and AR on Sinclair, read the result on Saya U Tin U’s old TV and copied out the results by hand. Peter still had a copy of the final report. I left my copy at home and got lost.


Over the years, I attended several mini-gatherings and gatherings hosted by UCC sayas and alumni.


Saya U Soe Paing regular hosts gatherings (usually dinner meeting) at his house. Sayagadaw Daw Saw Yu Tint (Alice, T69) was my class mate. She also attended CPC course.

U Thein Oo, Daw Than Than Tint, Daw Tin May Lwin and several others help organize the gatherings.

U Thein Oo, U Htin Kyaw, U Aung Aung and several others provided us transportation to or from Saya Paing’s house.

UCC 40th Anniversary Gathering

  • The “40th Anniversary of UCC” was the Reunion of Staff, Teachers (Past and Present) and Students.
  • Daw Ngwe Tin, Aye Aye Myint and sisters, Maung Myint, who maintained the UCC building rooms were among the attendees.
  • Saya Dr. Tin Maung (GBNF) was represented by Sayagadaw and Saya’s daughter.
  • There was fun and laughter, music and dances, and good old memories.
  • Daw Khin Lay Myint joined UCC as Secretary and then worked as Administrator Officer. She is now GBNF.
  • U Soe Myint (M72) joined UCC as Operator. He served as Shift Lead, expert in Mechanical Drawing and AutoCAD, and retired as Pro-Rector of ICST. He is also GBNF.

UCSY Gathering

In January 14, 2018, I attended the 5th UCSY Acariya Pu Zaw Pwe as “Generation Zero” representative and the “Most Senior” (not by age). Several attendees started their studies and/or careers at UCC.

Sao Yan Naing, son of Dr. Saw Naing (Wesley, SPHS59), gave me a ride to the Pu Zaw Pwe. SYN is a nephew of Dr Myo Khin. He is a cousin of Soe Lin Maung (UCC).

Sydney in 2006

During my visit to Sydney, Australia in 2006, I met several UCC alumni.

Saya U Aung Zaw and Ma Kyawt organized a Reunion and mini-PZP for Saya Dr. F Ba Hla and Saya Dr. Chit Swe. They were helped by U Sein Myint Maung and Daw Khin Aye Mu, U Htay Aung (Victor) and Daw Tin Tin Hlaing to name a few. I met Daw Thanda Htwe and “UCC Pha Yaung Daing”.

U Sein Tin hosted a dinner and also created a short music video.


Dr. Raiful Ahad (Fremont, California), U Khin Zaw (Cupertino, California), U Aung Myint Oo (EC84) and Daw Thida Khin (Fremont, California), U Sein Myint (EC76) and Daw Sao Mon Sint (New Jersey) and U Toung (EC69, Connecticut) hosted UCC gatherings (especially to welcome and alumni visiting US).

U Khin Maung Oo (Ivan Lee, M69) hosts an annual joint gathering for UCC and RIT sayas and alumni at his home in New Jersey.


U Tin Aung Win (C80), U Zaw Tun and Daw Pale Shein organized buffet gathering. U Aung Aung, and Daw Kyin Mya are regulars at the gatherings.

U Shein Soe Myint (EC83) is GBNF.

Some (e.g. U Win Latt, Daw Myint Myint Thein) have moved (temporarily or permanently) to Myanmar.


Table Tennis (Ping Pong)

U Saung Tin (CSO) and U Thein Oo are excellent players.


Rafiul Ahad (who was 3rd in Burma in Hurdles) hurt his knee.
Daw Nwe Nwe Win (Judy) is often the sixth member of an all-male team.

Soccer (Football)

UCC team (including Saya U Ko Ko Lay and U Kyaw Nyein) played ad hoc match against other teams (in and around Hlaing Campus).

UCC Dobat

U Win Hlaing played the Dobat. Others (e.g. Maung Myint, U Hla Pe) would play Wah Let Khote (bamboo clapper) and Ya Gwin.


UCC used to celebrate Thingyan and Su Paung Donlaba.

Dr. Chit Swe, Win Maung, Hla Min, Tun Aung Gyaw, Soe Myint, Khin Maung Aye, Daw Khin Khin Latt

UCC had a Su Paung Donlaba for several years at Kaba Aye Sun Lun Gu Kyaung and other monasteries.

The Donlaba monks would be offered Soon at the UCC Thingyan.

There would also be Water Throwing and occasionally “Ye Pet Khan” to selected mandats.

Ad Hoc Trips

U Aung Zaw led some trips (e.g. to Maw Tin Zun).

Soul Mates

Some found their soul mates while working or studying at UCC.

  • Aung Aung & Kyin Mya
  • Aung Myint Oo & Thida Khin
  • Boe Ba Shan & Phyu Phyu Win
  • Kyaw Zwa Than (Jaws) & Khin Khin Kyu (K-cube)
  • Htay Aung & Tin Tin Hlaing
  • Myint Oo & Tin Tin Hla
  • Myint Swe & Nge Ma Ma Than
  • Myint Zaw & Nwe Nwe Win (Judy)
  • Sein Myint (Bei Gyi) & Sao Mon Sint (Cindy)
  • Sein Myint Maung & Khin Aye Mu
  • Soe Than & Wai Wai Than
  • Than Maung Maung & Khin Si Thoung
  • Thaung Tin & Tin Tin Aye
  • Thein Oo & Than Than Tint
  • Win Hlaing & Thida Kyi
  • Win Myint & Nu Nu Aung

U Soe Myint (M72, GBNF)

  • The M72 friends call him “Phone Gyi Soe Myint”.
  • At UCC, he is known as “Sunlun Soe Myint”.
  • His father U Thein Nyunt (Retired Secretary of Religious Affairs) was a friend and an early devotee of Sayadaw U Vinaya. U Soe Myint also served as Kappiya from his younger days.
  • U Soe Myint came to see me during my last visit and shared his knowledge about U Lokanatha (Italian American monk) and how he provided financial support to buy the land for Kaba Aye Sun Lun Gu Kyaung.
  • He gave me a “Chone Hte” (for monk) to take back to the US.
  • On a subsequent visit to Yangon, we were sad to learn of his untimely demise.
  • On the fateful day, he made two trips to the Kaba Aye Sunlun Gu Kyaung monastery, because he forgot his donation on his first trip. He also visited his nephew and niece who were having dialysis treatment. May be because of his karma or because of the trips he took that day, he passed away around 3 AM.

Khin Maung Zaw (KMZ) wrote :

Ko Soe Myint Gyi was one of the very humble people I have ever known. He spoke very soft, never see him angry nor heard him raise his voice. Even though I am some years junior to him (he’s M72 and me EC76) he always treated me with dignity and respect. I really miss him, may his beautiful soul rest in peace.

Anniversary Soon Kway

U Thein Oo and Daw Than Than Tint Soon Kway at Yaw Sayadaw’s Kayung Daik.

Attendees include

  • Saya U Soe Paing and Daw Saw Yu Tint (Alice, T69)
  • U Myint Swe
  • Daw Tin Moe We (Sweetie)
  • Daw Myint Myint Thein (Susan)

Dr. Htay Lwin Nyo

  • Htay Lwin Nyo matriculated from SPHS in 1968.
  • He was admitted as Roll Number One to 1st BE.
  • He graduated among the top of the EP74 class.
  • He studied Computer Science at UCC.
  • He received a Ph.D. in EE from Syaracuse University, New York.
  • His final job was as Part Time Professor at San Jose State University (SJSU).
  • He used the spare time for his hobbies : (a) Tinkering old cars (b) Painting (c) Cooking (d) Stock Market (e)
  • Writing movie scripts
  • He did not miss a class. When he did not show up for a few classes, the students were alarmed and requested SJSU authorities to check his home. They found the doors locked. After a few days, they broke in to find Dr. Htay Lwin Nyo lifeless on his bed. Postmortem indicated an aneurysm.
  • Since Dr. Htay Lwin Nyo was single and had no next-o-kin in the USA, SJSU asked the Burmese Community to help. Members of the “RIT Alumni International” and BAPS helped with the fund raising for the final journey of HLN.
  • I was honored to push the incinerator, and later to scatter the ashes in the ocean. There was no next-of-kin of HLN in the USA. KMZ remembered that Kyaw Swa Than (Jaws, UCC) was HLN’s cousin. The missing link was supplied by some alumni (including Ko Ko Kyi). KMZ set up special web page for HLN. My poem was also posted there. I wrote about HLN’s Sea Burial for BAPS Newsletter.

Memorial Pages

U Khin Maung Zaw (EC76, KMZ) set up the “HLN Memorial Pages” in the ex-RIT web site (which is now defunct). I wrote a poem “HTAY LWIN NYO“.

BAPS Newsletter

I also wrote “A Sea Burial for Professor Htay Lwin Nyo” for the BAPS Newsletter and the RIT web site.

Ko Ko Kyi (EC72) wrote :

Ko Hla Min, sad to read about Htay Lwin Nyo’s sea burial. I played a small part in notifying his first cousin Myo San Than in Toronto, when my brother called me from Birmingham, UK and informed me about HLN’s demise. Apparently, someone from California had contacted a friend of my brother’s and asked him to inform me, as he knew that HLN had a cousin living in Toronto. I informed HLN’s cousin Myo San Than, who called his elder brother living in Winnipeg, Canada. Subsequently, this cousin went to the US for HLN’s funeral. HLN was a good friend of mine, although he was two years my junior at RIT.

Khin Maung Zaw (KMZ, EC76) wrote :

I was actually a former classmate of HLN’s younger brother Aung Lwin Nyo in St. Paul’s High School [SPHS (6) Botataung]. All their brothers were OPs, HLN was 2 years senior to us, Old Paulians. I did not know HLN that well until we met again, the third time, at UCC. Of course he was part of our rival group while at RIT. Both of us ended up in US, he was several years earlier than me.

We met again when he moved to West Coast, namely San Jose, California while I was in Seattle. We visited him in San Jose, went Yosemite among other places, he visited us in Seattle, went up to Vancouver, Canada. Couple of years moved, he became upset with me for a reason unknown to me at the time, refused to take my calls. I eventually met him on one of my visits to California, forced him to tell me why he did not want to talk to me any longer. According to him, there were some rumors back in Yangon about his demise, his parents were very upset and he surmise that it could have been me who spread these rumors. I had to swear to him that those were nothing to do with me at all, as I lost contact with everyone, family and friends, back in Burma at that time.

So one could imagine my despair when I received a call, a year or so later, from Maurice Chee (M75) that HLN was found dead in his apartment, asking me if I knew him and also requested me to make an announcement on www,ex-rit,org site. I had to explain Maurice the background story, told him I would not do so until I have a solid information. I ended up calling HLN’s head of department at SJSU, San Jose State University. She assured me that they went to HLN’s apartment, broke it inside with the help of the Police. Sad news indeed. While Maurice Chee, Ko Banny Tan (M70), U Hla Min and RIT Alumni at BAPS, Bay Area alumni group, started working on the funeral, I called a friend, HLN’s cousin, in Manitoba, Canada, Kyaw Zwa Than (ex-UCC), to get the contact of HLN’s family back in Rangoon. I finally spoke with the elder brother, Ko Kyaw Lwin Nyo, who requested us to proceed with the funeral.

PS: I met HLN’s elder brother for the first time, this passed November 2018, at the OPA, Old Paulians’ Association, dinner. My OP friends told me that Aung Lwin Nyo met similar fate, passed away while in his bed some years back. Myo San Than (as mentioned in U Ko Ko Kyi’s comment) is the younger brother of Kyaw Zwa Than. KZT’s family : KZT, his wife KCube (Khin Khin Kyi) and their two sons, Alex and Nicholas, have since moved to Denver, Colorado, USA.

Daw Nge Ma Ma Than (GBNF)

Nge Ma Ma Than
  • Ma Nge (Nge Ma Ma Than, Theresa, GBNF) is the youngest child of U Aung Than (brother of Boyoke Aung San and Arzanee U Ba Win).
  • She matriculated from MEHS.
  • She graduated from RASU.
  • She studied and taught at UCC, DCS and ICST.
  • At UCC, she and Judy (Nwe Nwe Win) were considered as “UCC Twins”. Grapevine says that some guy approached them and gave each a copy of his “Yee Zar Sar” (love letter).
  • She found her love life U Myint Swe (ex-UCC).
  • During the Adhamma Era, she, her brother and U Myint Swe were detained by the higher authorities.
  • She became a Prisoner of Conscience.
  • I last met her at the 5th Acariya Puzaw Pwe of ICST.
  • Her health declined, but she kept on smiling. She did not complain about the aches and pains.
  • U Myint Swe reported the journal of Ma Nge’s hospitalization and medical treatment.
  • Even in her final days, her thoughts were with former Prisoners of Conscience.
Ma Nge at the hospital
Ma Nge and her cousin

Four Decade Old Photo

  • Ko Win Hlaing
  • Ko Henry Maung Maung (Census, GBNF)
  • Ma Kyu Kyu Lwin (GBNF)
  • Ma Khin Si Thoung (Busi Baung – USA)
  • Ma Khin Khin Win (Five Star Line – USA)
  • Ma Phyu Phyu Win (Singapore)
  • Ma Win May Thaung (GBNF)
  • Ma Tin Tin Yi (Port Authority)
  • Ma Hla Hla Win (Wa – GBNF)
  • Ko Aung Myint (AM)
  • Ko Soe Myint (Sunlun, M72, GBNF)

Six of the eleven in the photo are GBNF (Gone But Not Forgotten)

Annotation by KMZ, AM, Judy, Sweetie


Computer Science and Technology is continually evolving.

There are two (or more) early definitions of Computer Science.

  • Computer Science is the study of phenomena surrounding Computing.
  • Computer Science is the study of Algorithms and Data Structures.

The first definition has the same flavor as a definition of Physics. It is general to say, “Physics is the study of natural phenomena.”

The second definition might sound restrictive, but it still covers a lot of topics and application.

There is a book called “PROGRAM = ALGORITHMS + DATA STRUCTURES”.

Professor Donald Knuth (Stanford University) thought that he could finish his 7-volume book “THE ART OF COMPUTER PROGRAMMING” in a couple of years. It was an under-estimate of the growth of Computers, Computer Science and Applications. It took over two decades to complete and revise the first three volumes and part of the fourth volume. One reason was that his book contributed to the growth of the Design and Analysis of Algorithms.

  • I have covered some topics in the early days of Computing in general and UCC in particular.
  • I missed out several people. I mentioned many names, but did not elaborate on some of them.
  • I did not cover in-depth the PDP configuration and use, the introduction of PCs, and robots.
  • It would take a long time and I would not be able to fill in all the blanks.
  • I believe an idea that characterizes Jules Verne. “If one can dream, others can fulfill”.
  • I had a personal experience to support that idea. In 1999, I started “RIT International Newsletter” and dreamed that sayas and alumni will get reconnected electronically and physically. With the help of sponsors (including five Golden Sponsors), able and dedicated sayas and alumni, volunteers, supporters and well-wishers, the First RIT Grand Reunion and SPZP (Saya Pu Zaw Pwe) was held in San Francisco in October 2000. The world-wide SPZPs were subsequently held in Singapore in 2002, 2007 and 2010, and in Yangon in 2004, 2012 and 2016.

I had paid back to RIT.

I now have a chance to pay back to UCC, DCS and ICST.

Thanks to my family members for supporting me in the endeavors to pay back to the institutions and my mentors that helped me develop to where I am today.

I dream that sayas and alumni of UCC and ICST/UCSY will enhance my document into one that professional historians will envy.

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