Twins (UCC)

  • Ma Nge and Judy are close friends
  • Considered as “UCC Twins
  • One guy supposedly approached the Twins and gave them both a copy of his “Yee Sar Sar”.
  • Both found their soul mates :
    Ko Myint Swe (for Ma Nge),
    Ko Myint Zaw (for Judy)
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Ma Nge

Ma Nge

  • Nge Ma Ma Than (Ma Nge, Theresa Aung Than, GBNF)
    Attended MEHS and Rangoon University
  • Studied and taught at UCC
  • Spouse : U Myint Swe (UCC)
  • During the Adhamma Era, Ma Nge, her brother and Ko Myint Swe were detained by higher authorities.
    They became Prisoners of Conscience.
  • Despite having medical problems, Ma Nge has a strong will, and showed metta and karuna to her fellow prisoners (even in her final days)
  • Father : U Aung Than
  • Uncles : Arzani U Ba Win, Bogyoke Aung San
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Nwe Nwe Win

  • Also known as Judy
  • Represented RASU in Track and Field
  • At UCC, she was often the sixth player of the men’s volley ball team.
  • Taught at UCC, DCS, and ICST.
    Traveled overseas for studies, training and conferences.
  • Judy found her soul mate Myint Zaw, who takes care of his “Ah Ma Gyi”.
  • Retired after heading the Department of Computer Science at RASU
  • Young ones would address her as “Ah Ma Gyi” and “Teacher”
  • Still looks young (especially when attending conferences)


U Khin Maung Zaw wrote :

Those good old halcyon days!!!!!!
There actually was the third member, three musketeers if you will, who used to hang out together in the very early days of UCC. She is Sweetie Tin Moe We [UN Retiree].

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