Gone But Not Forgotten

Tommy, Khin Maung Win, Myint Thin (GBNF)

Tin Maung Soe (Tommy, EP69, GBNF #91)

  • Played basketball with U Soe Win (RIT Captain)
  • Passed away on 22 August 2020 (Saturday )
  • His funeral held at Yae Wai on 23 Aug.

Khin Maung Win (EP69, GBNF #92)

  • Known fondly as “Sargalay” and “Nutty”
  • Usually finished Mechanical drawings in about an hour and still get Grade 5.
  • Later changed his name to “Lada” and “Galon”
  • Training partner for Sai Kham Pan (EP69, Burma Selected in Badminton)
  • Badminton selection at the Township level
  • Asked his friends to pray for him
  • Had an operation
  • Passed away a few days later.
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U Khin Maung Win (RIP)

Myint Thin (M71, GBNF)

  • Matriculated from St. Paul’s High School in 1965
  • Classmates from SPHS to RIT : Myint Toe (M71), Michael Aye (M71)
  • Admitted to RIT as Mechanical Engineering Roll Number One
  • Selected RIT Luyechun
  • Represented RIT in Rowing
  • Sponsored Sayagyi U Ba Than to attend SPZP-2007
  • Passed away in Singapore.
  • Spouse : Daw Khin Win Ni

U Aung Myaing (ChE72) wrote :

He was one year senior to me. However, we belonged to Phaunggyi Zeya 12 while taking the civil service training in 1973. He was KATHA 101 and I was KATHA 102. Our beds were adjacent. Thus we had time to exchange our views on several topics. I came to realize how flexible and humble he was. We established a good friendship.
After Phaunggyi training, to my memory, we met each other twice: once in Myanmar and another in Singapore. It is worth noting here that our relationship was always remarkably warm.
May he be dwelling at a higher abode.

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