Some with UCC Connections

  • Maung Toung is one of the 11 EC (Electrical Communication) graduates from the Class of EC69.
    He is a nephew of Saya U Ba Than’s spouse.
  • He attended some courses at Mandalay Hall.
  • He migrated to the United States.
  • He did post graduate studies about the same time as Ko Khin Maung Oo (Ivan, M69).
  • Ko Toung lives in Trumbull, Connecticut.
  • He is retired and often travels to Hong Kong to spend time with his son and grand child.
  • His spouse Ma Khin Myint (Kim) had to take Chemistry instead of Medicine (due to the requirements set by the then new Education System).
    She became classmates of Ma Khin Maw Maw (who would later wed Ko Tun Aung Gyaw).
  • They would attend the Annual RIT-UCC Gathering hosted by Ivan in New Jersey.
    They would sometimes host a supplementary gathering at their home.
  • On the return leg of the whirlwind trip to Canada and East Coast, we spent time with Ko Tun Aung Gyaw (who showed us around MIT and Harvard) and Ko Toung (who showed us around Yale).
  • Charlie is a classmate of Steeve Kay (Thaung Sein) and Soe Win from the Class of EC70.
  • Saya Paing had recruited Charlie Tseng (EC70), but he managed to migrate to the United States before the UCC employees were “selected and validated” by PSC (Public Services Commission).
  • He formed a company called VersaSoft (somewhat similar to the D-Base software).
    He later worked for some IT companies
    His spouse Diana (ChE71) is a Chemical Engineer and worked for a Division of IBM (International Business Machines).
  • Charlie pays respect to Saya Paing whenever Saya visits the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Lucas Lee (Sein Tun, SPHS 66) is a classmate of Ko Myint Lwin (Charlie Cheah, Burma Judo Champion).
  • He is a Physics major.
  • He volunteered when UCC was stationed at Mandalay Hall in the main campus.
  • He migrated to the United States. He joined the armed forces and received training in electronics.
  • Later, as a Veteran, he was offered a job at HP (Hewlett Packard).
  • He had a liver transplant many years ago and is doing well.
  • Met him at the BASES dinner and at the La Puente monastery.
  • Tauk Tun (Mike) often shows up at UCC.
    He was friendly with the sayas and several employees.
  • Myint Oo helped Saya Chit as a personal assistant.
    He later worked at Phoung Gyi Training School.
  • Ba Than Aye (Myo Myint Lay, GBNF) volunteered at UCC before joining the army.
    He was fatally injured in a car accident.
  • There are several more people who spent quality time at UCC.
  • Have lost contact with them.

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