Some ex-UCC

  • During my visits to Singapore, several ex-UCC hosted me (and my family).
  • Ko Win Latt (during my first visit)
    He later moved to Thailand and Yangon
  • Ko Ngwe Soe / Silver (during my first and last visits)
    Also took me to his home in Jahore and a trip to Melecca
    He retired after working for various projects overseas
  • Ko Tin Aung Wynn (in April 2007 to attend SPZP-2007)
    He taught Multi-media (and other subjects) at a Polytechnic
  • Ko Zaw Tun (during my visit in Oct – Nov 2019)
    He retired after managing Programming Projects for a shipping company.
    He is a sponsor / supporter of Singapore Chan Myei Yeiktha

Per request from U Myint Sein (Principal of BARB, GBNF), Ko Win Latt wrote Win Horo. The lowest version was used to generate the natal horoscope. The two higher versions were used by BARB sayas for advanced astrological calculations.

Ko Zaw Tun wrote a Prolog program for evaluating the Zartars. He was surprised when the zartar of a young (may be 2 year old) resulted in the prediction of a very person. He later learned that the child was a recipient of wealth from his Sawbwa grand father.

After receiving their M.Sc.(Computer Science), both taught computing at their private schools. They later moved overseas.

During my initial visit to Singapore, I stayed at Ko Win Latt’s apartment. He later spent in time in Bangkok and Yangon.

During my later visits, Ko Zaw Tun and Ma Kyu hosted us. They also organized ex-UCC gatherings.

Ko Zaw Tun wrote :
Saya, we should produce a book after you are done.

  • KMZ attended St. Paul’s High School.
    In 1965, SPHS was nationalized and became No. (6) Botathaung State High School.
    He matriculated in 1970.
  • He joined RIT and graduated with Electrical Engineering.
    The option is known earlier as EC and later as EcE or Electronics Engineering.
    Due to school closure, there were two convocations in 1977.
    Those from the early one are called “Class of 76” (the intended year of graduation).
  • He played Hockey for “All Institutes” team.
  • He rowed for RIT at RUBC.
  • He spent a few years at UCC before moving to Singapore and then USA.
  • In 1999, he designed and implemented the original ex-RIT web site and served as its webmaster.
  • He is an alumnus of SPHS, RIT and UCC

KMZ wrote :

KJ, thanks much for posting these old stories, sharing with the rest. We really had many interesting and amazing characters there in those days. We, the three so-called musketeers, made things much more interesting, pushed the envelope so to speak. But thanks to all the Sayas – Saya Paing, Saya Myo, Saya Lay and seniors like you, UTAG etc, we were able to do whatever we felt like it there. I know for sure that we offended many people there, but with the great rapport and support from many of you, our mischievous acts, intentionally or not, were pretty much forgiven.Like I said a few times here, those were the good old days.I would like to thank all of you for what we did there, and sincerely ask for your forgiveness if we, especially myself, indeed offended any of you. I am indebted to all of you. Sayas, seniors, contemporaries, as well as some juniors, as I learned a lot while I was there.

  • U Tin Win taught at RIT EE.
  • He later transferred to Systems Division at UCC.
  • He also worked at FRI (Forest Reserve Inventory).

U Tin Win wrote :

In my days in UCC, U TAG was CE and ICL computer’s printer was line printer and it could print only 120 char/line. To get 160 char/line, UTAG modified the line printer by joining the original plastic printer shaft with another short shaft. One day, he came to the engineering workshop and said he would modify it. First he cleaned the desk workplace where he would join the shafts. At that time, one apprentice engineer (Ko Khin Maung) came into the room and saw U TAG cleaning the desk. Then, KKM, shouted, “Whoo! .. actually modification of printer is just Cleaning the desk”.

  • She is the younger sister of U Win Htein (PWD, GBNF), who was in charge of the maintenance of electrical equipment at UCC.
  • She is an early DAC (Diploma in Automatic Computing).
  • She worked at FERD at National Planning before moving to Singapore.
  • After retirement, she moved back to Yangon.

Ma Myint Myint Thein wrote :

I felt young again reading about the good old days at UCC.

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