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  • Adoniram Judson was an American Baptist Missionary to Burma.
  • He and his team members
    compiled the English-Burmese and Burmese-English Dictionaries
    translated the Bible

Judson Dictionary

Third Edition
1922 Edition

Judson College

  • In 1920, Judson College became a constituent college of the University of Rangoon.

Japanese Surrender

  • The Japanese Occupation lasted about three years.
  • Several Burmese that were born during the period are known as “Japun” or “Japungyi”.
  • An ad-hoc University was opened on Mogul (Shwe Bontha) Street.
    Sayagyi U Ba Toke taught Mathematics at that University.
  • Japun Khiit Say Yone” was run by Dr. Ba Than (Medical Superintendent).
    His assistants include
    Dr. Myint Swe (father of Gilbert) and
    Dr. Maung Maung (father of Ko Maung Maung Kyi).
  • March 27, 1945 is the official date of the “Taw Hlan Yay“.
    Bohmu Ba Htoo started a few days earlier.
  • Japan gave Reparation Aid, which was used in part for the Lawpita Hydroelectric Power Plant.
  • JICA set up projects (e.g. hospital) and training/study programs.
Japanese Surrender


Dave Singh Saluja (SPHS, RIT, Rama Enterprise in Bangkok) had a collection of 100+ joke books.

U Sein Win Joke

  • Saya U Sein Win was known as “Khone Swa” during his studies at the University of Michigan in the USA.
  • He enjoys swimming, rowing and debates.
  • Saya left his brand new spouse at Scott Market (Bogyoke Zay).
    Saya went back to RIT, and had a long discussion with his students.
    The students asked, “How is Sayagadaw?”

    The reply :
    “Let’s end the discussion. It’s past time I should have picked her up at the Zay”.

Uzin Bobby Myo Tun (A69) wrote :

Classic example of ‘the absent-minded professor!’

U Aung Myint (Sonny, SPHS64, UCC) added :

I heard about that (absent mindedness of Sayar U Sein Win) from some of the students or from the Lab staffs while I was in EC lab: What I heard was a little different. What I heard was ” He parked at Hledan Zay his wife went for buying. He was waiting inside the car. Suddenly he got an idea of taking Hair cut nearby instead of waiting for a long time. After hair cutting he forgot everything and drove the car alone. I don’t know if that is true or not. I don’t even remember from whom I heard that story.

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There are several people and schools named John.

  • John the Baptist
  • Pope John I to XXIII
  • John F. Kennedy (US President)
  • John Young (Astronaut)
  • St. John’s Dio (Diocesan)
  • St. John’s Convent
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St. John’s Dio
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