TS : August 1969 (Photo)

By Ko Thein Swe (EP69)

They were the humble, hard working classmates of EE69ers who usually shared knowledge with each other when someone could not catch up lectures/text-books. The great photo was taken in August 1969.

4th Row, L to R:

Myint Swe(EP, Mogoke, ex-Steel mill, GBNF), Thein Swe (EP, Meiktila), Aye Thein (EP, Mawlamyaing, ex-glass mill), Khin Maung Nyo (EP, Inle, Innthar, GBNF), Khin Maung Win (EP, Kathar, Sar-ga-lay, ex-EPC), (Henry) Than Lwin (EC, ex-lecturer, Ygn, Gaung-gyi), Kyaw Zin (EP, ex-Paper mill, -EO), Khrishan Lal (EP, Aussie), Tin Hla (EP, Myaungmya, ex-EPC), Myint Maung (EP, Minbu, Bugyi, ex-EPC, single), Zau Lai (EP, Myitkyina, Kachin, ex-PWC, ex-EO, entreprenuer), Bishnu Shahi (EP, Nepalese, maybe in Nepal/US ?)

3rd Row

, Sein Myint (EP, Ygn, S’pore), Saw Edison (EP, ex-fertilizer, Aussie), Khin Win (EP, ex-paper mill, GBNF), Soe Win (EP, ex-Namtu mine, Mawlamyaing, Basketball, GBNF), Yee Htun (EP, now in Yangon), Aung Than (EP, ex-fertilizer, So-sie), Mehm Ye Win (EC, Mawlamyaing, ex-telecoms), Maung Ko (EC, Bogalay, ex-MOGE), Kyi Win (EP, Kyaw Gyi, ex-txt mill, -EO, Meiktila), Sai Aik Yee (EC, now in Ygn fighting diabetes), Tun Aung Gyaw (EC, Meiktila, ex-UCC, US), (Robert) Win Boh (EC, ex-DCA, Aussie), Hla Min(EC,ex-UCC, US), Khin Maung Bo (EP, now in Ygn)

2nd Row

Aung Thu Yein (EC, Ygn, ex-MOGE, -Schlumberger, GBNF), Abdul Rauf (EP, ex-fertilizer, now in Ygn), Sai Kham Pan (EP, Badminton,Taung-gyi, ex-Distiller), Tun Oo Khaing (EP, Rakhine, ex-Paper mill, GBNF), Hla Paik (EP, Chaung Oo, ex-EPC), Chit Tin (EC, Nyaung Oo, ex-MOGE, GBNF), Sa Maung Maung (EP, Thaton, ex-Paper mill), Mg Shwe (EP,ex-EPC), Oo Kyaw Hla (EC, ex-MOGE, Canada?), Sai Hwet @ Myat Soe Lwin (EP, now in Ygn), Aung Kyaw Pe (EP, ex-EPC, long time S’pore, sometime M’ysia), Khin Mg @ Hasan (EP, Saudi Arabia)

Front Row

Sayas U Moe Aung, U (Saw) Khaing Oo, U Ba Myint, U Soe Paing, U Kyaw Tun (GBNF), U Sein Hlaing (GBNF), U Tint Swe (GBNF), U Ba Lwin, U Sein Win(GBNF), U Thein Lwin (S’pore, GBNF), U Tin Shwe (GBNF), U Sein Maung, Ma Tin Tin (EC, US)

Happy to send precious memory re-caller.


Kyaw Sein (EP69, Myingyan, ex-cement mill, S’pore), Kyaw Soe (EC, deceased).

There are other elect classmates (63/64 intakes or 69/70/71 grads) such as Minn Aung @ Hla Thoung (EP 70, ex-cement mill, S’pore), Ko Toung (US), Surinder Singh (EP, Taung-gyi, Aussie), Aung Than (EP ? or quit. Pyinmana, playing cards), Than Htay (EP 70?, Dawei,Tavoy, ex-EPC), Ko Thoung? (EP?, ex-PWC), Win Mg (quit before graduate, ex-DCA,-private air line), Tin Shwe (EP70?, Taungthar,ex-EPC), Aye Thaw (repeater EP, Kyaukpadaung, ex-EPC), Ba Oak(repeater, Shwe Bo, ex-EPC), Khin Mg Tint (repeater, Windwin-Meiktila, ex-EPC), Moe Hein (EP70?, Meiktila, ex-Jute dept), (Michael) Thein Htun (repeater, ex-sailor, jolly), Kyi Shwin(repeater, ex-astrologer) as far as I remember.

Ko Aung Thu Yein (EC69, GBNF) wrote :

Ko Thein Swe,

A Brilliant Effort. In fact it is a time frame. We’ll keep it as long as we live. And we want our offspring and relatives to keep it and pass it on. First our Metta to our Parents/Guardians. Then to our mentors whoever they are. Without them we’ll never be Smart Engineers.We were blessed to be in that group. And our Buddhist Philosophy. Some of us have left and we’ll follow them suit later or sooner. While we are breathing let us be together near or far. Carry on. Well done!

Chan Thar Ko Sake Myare Bar Zay,

Editor’s Notes :

  • After retirement, several Sayas and alumni relocated (e.g. from Singapore and Thailand back to Myanmar).
  • Some spend part of the year visiting their children and grandchildren in US, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong

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