Myee *

None of my four grandparents were around when I was born. So, I cannot directly relate to them.

Thar ah chit. Myee ah hnit” goes an old saying.

  • Did not know much about the world when I was young
  • Modern day kids — whether they are born in Myanmar, USA, or else where — seem to be highly intelligent
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Two Myees
  • My “Myee Ma” would say, “I will take care of GP (Grand Pa) a lot. I will help him exercise. Have massage. … I have a doctor’s bag.”
  • Completed KG
  • Won the “Super Reader” award
  • Completed Level 1 in Swimming
  • Can ride a bike, draw, paint, sing, dance and take photos
  • My “Myee Htee” understands both the spoken language and the body language. When told to “Nann“, he will kiss my cheeks. He has a sense of when we are coming [to visit him] or when we are leaving. He will hug and give a flying kiss.
  • Attending Pre-school
  • Athletic
  • Can dribble a basketball for 30+ seconds.
  • Can kick and shoot football.
  • Can swing a baseball bat.
  • Can race with remote control cars.
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Myee Gyi
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Myee Lay
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My Myees
  • Perhaps the same can be said of “Myees” everywhere.
  • We are somewhat lucky that we don’t have to take care of our “Ah Hnits” 24 by 7.
  • As one alumni jokingly said, “Myees should just be Myee [tasted]”.

Sayama Toni wrote :

My myees were not around me much, Johnny, only for visits, but now at ages 25 & 21, they care for me in their own way. Myee-ma lay Thitsa got a pay raise recently and ‘ka-dawk-dare’ me with money. She does that now and then. The recent one, I’m saving for grand father’s yearly donation of his death. The myee-yauk-kyar lay, Ye Htut, loves to cook and I used to complain abt my clean kitchen messed up. But, he washes everything and cleans the kitchen. So, I enjoy them in a way. Ye Htut will be here for a couple of months before he returns to college, so I let him do as he pleases.

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