Hla Min

Happy to be alive and well

Update : November 20, 2022

  • I have created photo essays (description of 3 to 5 photos).
    They complement or supplement my posts in my Facebook Groups and my websites.
  • I have many photos related to RIT, but only a small percentage has Captions and/or Details (e.g Date and Place).
    Without indexes, it is not easy to find the most relevant and/or high quality photos.
  • I do not strive for Perfection.
  • I rely on feedback and iterative updates (as time and energy permit).
  • Several Sayas, Classmates and Friends are GBNF.
  • Some have medical conditions.
  • A few had successful operations (including transplants).
  • Aging has caused loss of mobility, sight, hearing and memory.
  • I have reasonably good health and memory.
  • My family members have supported my volunteer work for alumni, social and religious groups & projects.
  • The Calamities in most places and the 2-year long Pandemic meant that we have not traveled far or had face-to-face gatherings.
  • A good substitute is to share Memories.

As a song goes :
(From) January to December
We’ll have moments to remember

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