Dreams and Hopes *

It’s been nearly six decades after matriculation. Many of our sayas, sayamas, classmates, schoolmates and friends are GBNF.

The GBNF list for the Class of 69 has 117 members. Some were organizers of the activities of the Class.

We celebrated two Golden Jubilees : one for Admission to 2nd BE & another for True Graduation.


Several have medical problems and loss of eye sight, hearing, memory and mobility (of varying degrees).

The pandemic is an added threat to Aging.

Many were infected by Omicron, but recovered. Thanks in part to vaccines and medication.


A few have stopped their hobbies (from the younger days). Some musicians (e.g Accordion Ko Tin Maung Aye) and writers (e.g Ko Harry Tin Htut) now have other priorities.

Some are spending quality time with their Myees (and even Myits).


There are some exceptions.

Saw Maung Maung Htwe is a life long Marathoner.

I am a life long Learner.


“Dream big or small. Others can help realize them.”

Thanks to sayas, colleagues, sponsors and supporters, some of my dreams — to get the alumni get connected physically and virtually & to pay back to our Alma Mater and mentors— were realized.

The support was phenomenal in the beginning. Sayas and alumni shared their memories and also wrote articles for RIT Alumni International, ex-rit website and SPZPs.

Many are now busy (mostly) with their families and extended families.


I do not lose hope.

I believe that my volunteer work over 22+ years will revive the memories of the Good (and not so good) Old Days, and may be useful as reference to aspiring story tellers and historians.

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