Album : S

Shwe Ta Lay

  • U Shwe Yo
Shwe Ta Lay (U Shwe Yo)

Sithu U Kaung

  • Educator
  • Signed Bank Notes
  • Children : U Thaw Kaung, Dr, Yee May Kaung, Daw Kyi May Kaung
Sithu U Kaung

Silver Jubilee

  • RUSU
  • Music and Dance
Silver Jubilee 1
Silver Jubilee 2

Sir Arthur Eggar

  • Law Professor
  • Founder and Life President of Rangoon University Boat Club (RUBC)
  • Autobiography
    wrote for Guardian Magazine
    Reprinted by selected Old Members for the 90th Anniversary of the founding of RUBC
Sir Arthur Eggar
  • Sagar
  • SMART / Smart
  • SPHS
  • SPZP-2000
  • SPZP-2002
  • SPZP-2004
  • SPZP-2010
  • SPZP-2012
  • SPZP-2016

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