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Leik Khone

Leik Khone belonged to

  • Faculty of Engineering, University of Rangoon till 1961
  • Intermediate of Science, Rangoon University from 1961 – 1963
    We attended the last I.Sc.(A) class at Leik Khone
  • Institute of Medicine (1) from 1963
    My spouse attended 1st MBBS and 2nd MBBS at Leik Khone
  • Several events were held in the Dome
    e.g. visiting orchestra from the USA
  • Later had Administration Offices (for Department of Higher Education)
Leik Khone 1
Leik Khone 2
Leik Khone 3
Leik Khone 4

Los Angeles

  • In 2015, the RIT Alumni Reunion was held in Los Angeles.
  • For the past few years, there was a mini-gathering to pay respect to Saya U Min Wun (Civil).
  • Dr. San Lin (C62) offered my spouse and I to join him on one occasion.
    He drove most of the trip.
    We stayed at the house of U Aung Khin (EP68) and Daw The.
Los Angeles (with U Min Wun)


When the University of Rangoon was established in December 1920, it had the Department of Law.



LL.B First Batch

LLB First Batch


Law 1968


Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh



Library Science

Library Science

Lt. Col San Myint

  • Rector, Institute of Education
Lt. Col. San Myint (Education)

Ludu Daw Ah Mar

  • Distinguished Author
  • Spouse : Ludu U Hla
Ludu Daw Ah Mar 1
Ludu Daw Ah Mar 2
  • Ludu
  • Lwin : Names

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