Album : K

The following is a sampling of photo essays on topics starting with K.

Khit San Kabyar

Khit San 1
Khit San 2
Khit San 3
Khit San 4
Khit San 5


  • Ko Myint Thein (M69, GBNF) was named “Maung Kabar” (Kabar for short) after a cartoon character of our younger days.
  • He and Ko Chit Tin (EC69) are among the 89 classmates from the RIT Class of 69 who have passed away.
  • The photo was taken at an Annual Dinner Gathering at M3.
Kabar (Myint Thein)
Kabar (Myint Thein) and Chit Tin

Khin Swe Oo

  • Daughter of Maha Swe
  • Distinguished author
Khin Swe Oo

Kyi Aye

  • Medical doctor
  • Distinguished author
Kyi Aye

Names with K

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