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February 2022

My posts are “Best Effort”. I try to cover many topics related to my Circles.

I am not a Perfectionist. I believe in the 90-90 principle (which states that the last 10% of a project may need resources as much as the first 90%).

I do not use Notes. I have a reasonably good Associative Memory.

I have many photos without captions. There was a similar problem in the HMEE Project.

I only know a fraction of Sayas and Alumni. Even after being a postmaster and story teller for 22+ years, I do not know about many sayas and alumni (especially those junior to me).

You can help me in various ways :

Point out typos, errors and inconsistencies

Provide photos, captions, anecdotes, news, poems, cartoons, articles

Compile a PDF document for a topic that you are passionate

Help organize articles in my web site hlamin.com

Volunteer to help realize my Dream of the Oral & Written History of our alma mater and mentors.


In the early days, a Class had 200 or less.

The Class of 69 had 300+. There were 8 Engineering Departments.

The Class of 70 had 400+

Later classes have 500+ and may be 1000+


I have written Photo Essays about

Early Alumni / Saya

Class of 58

Class of 59

Class of 73

Class of 74

Class of 75

Class of 76 & 77

Class of 78 to 87

From 1991








I need information about the junior sayas and alumni.


Thanks to readers —- Ko Aung Min, Ko Tin Aung Win / Oscar, Ko Myint Than, Ko Aung Myaing, Daw Khin Than Nwe, Ma Emma / Tin Tin Myint, Ko Aung, Ko Thein Ngwe, Ma Rosie / Mai Khin Nyunt, Saya U Moe Aung, KMZ, Ko Hla Myint Thein / Patrick, Ko Soe Aung, Ko Zaw Winn / Zinyawgyi, Dr. Soe Thein, Snow May, Dr. Nyan Taw / Dicky, Ko Kyaw Oo —- who provided feedback.

Kudos to U Aye (M62, Volleyball, HIC, FAO) for providing photos and information about alumni from Class of 54 to Class of 62.

Cheers to readers who took the Challenge : GUESS WHO (1) and (2).

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