Yin Kyu (M69, GBNF)

Update : April 2, 2022

Sad News in 2011

Dear Ko Hla Min and all,

  • Here is a sad news for us.
  • Ko Yin Kyu (age 67), Mech/Agri RIT 69er passed away today (26th April, 2011) at 8/45 am.
  • His funeral will be on 28 April, 2011 at Yae Wai.
  • He worked for Public Works (Construction Corporation) as superintending engineer and retired in 2006.
  • He died of kidney failure, based on diabetes.
  • He had been hospitalized since 3rd April at the Shwegonedine Hospital.

With Metta.
Aung Min (M69)


Danny (Tint Lwin, M69) wrote :

Dear Ko Aung Min,
So sorry to hear that Ko Yin Kyu has passed away.
Did anybody visit him when was hospitalised?

Ivan (Khin Maung Oo, M69) wrote :

Hi dear classmates:
It is sad, sad sad, we need contribute our Nar Ye fund for his funeral and for supporting his family. It is the best we can do now.
Another suggestion to our dear classmate to evaluate our balancing life.
* The longer we stay, the more this kind of sad news will hear, the less of our classmate counting, so value our relationship and childhood friends.
* Life is short, don’t stretch your exhaustion brain and still-healthy body working. Enough is enough, take the retirement at or before 65 years old.
* You must know exactly to Love YOURSELF, it sounds selfish, but be practical. Don’t lie to yourself , be honest yourself.

Yi Yi Khaing (Vilma, ChE69) wrote :

My condolences for the family of Ko Yin Kyu’s family.
Yes I agree totally with Ivan, to cherish our friends and families in our sunset years. At the same time doing good deeds while we can.

69ers who passed away in 2011

  • Aung Naing (Bahadhur, Min)
  • Chit Htun (Min)
  • Yin Kyu (M)

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