Tin Maung (Min69)

Update : April 2, 2022

Ko Tin Maung Aye and Ko Tin Maung
Min69 Students
  • Per Wai Lu, there were 16 students in Mining 69.
    Ko Kyaw Tint, Ko Chit Htun, Ko Aung Naing … are GBNF.
    Six are alive and well.
  • Met Ko Khin Maung Gyi, Ko Tin Win and Ko Win Thein Zaw at the 69er Gatherings.

  • Ko Tin Maung was earlier listed in the 69er Address Book / Contact List as having moved to USA or Taiwan.
  • Ko Tin Maung Aye (M69) met him at the Tanyin Thabawa Yeiktha.
  • Ko Tin Maung was from Katha.
  • He was known for his shooting prowess in soccer, despite having a knee problem.
  • 69ers are surprised and delighted to find out that his son is a Sayadaw.

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