RIT69ers Gathering (2003)

Update : April 2, 2022

Credit : Ko Myint Thein (David, M69)

RIT69ers’ mini get together gathering at Kruwa Nam Tip Thai Food Restaurant at Pho Sein road on 21st December 2003.

Standing :

Yee Pin (M), Win Lwin (M), Maung Maung (E), Win Maung (E), Sein Tun (M), Kyaw Zin (E), Thein Swe (E), Ye Gaung (M), Khin Maung Gyi (M), Myint Maung (E), Maung Shwe (E),

Sitting :

Tin Maung Aye (M), Myint Thein (Kabar) (M), Htay Aung (M), Dickie (M), Myint Thein (David) (M), Aung Min (M), Zaw Lai (E).


  • Ko Myint Thein (Kabar, GBNF) was an organizer of the 69er group.
    He passed away in Yangon after undergoing medical checkup in Singapore and India.
  • Ko Win Naing (Dickie, GBNF) represented RIT in Rowing with Ko Sein Myint and Ko Win Maung.
    He passed away in Singapore.
  • Ko Maung Maung Kaung (Yee Pin, GBNF) did business mostly in Dawei.
    Gordon Kaung said that Yee Pin is his uncle.
    Yee Pin’s spouse passed away in 2020.
    He passed away in 2021.
    Both succumbed to Covid.
  • Ko Thein Swe (GBNF) was RIT Luyechun in 3rd BE.
    He passed away in Yangon in 2021.
    He lost his spouse Dolly Sein a few years back.
  • Ko Khin Maung Gyi (GBNF) passed away in Yangon in 2021.
  • Duwa Ko Zau Lai has his business in Myitkyina.
    He drives 1000+ miles to attend selected gatherings in Yangon.
  • Some — Ko Kyaw Zin, Ko Tin Maung Aye, Ko Kyaw Nyunt (GBNF), Ko Than Myaing, Ko Sein Tin, Ko Myo Nyunt, Ko Kyaw Min Thein, Ko Thein Swe (GBNF), Ko Aung Myint — travel abroad (e.g. USA, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand) to spend quality time with their children.
  • Ko Myint Maung (Bu) is one of the youngest in the class.
    He represented RIT EE in Volleyball with Saw Edison, Ko Aye Thein and Sa Maung Maung.
    He is still an eligible bachelor.
  • Ko Aung Min and Ko Shwe are core members of the 69er HCF (Health Care Fund).
    They also organize the M69 every month and EE69 mini-gatherings every two months.
    There are ad hoc gatherings to welcome 69ers visiting from overseas.
  • ​ Many have given up their competitive sports and hobbies :
    hiking & mountaineering (Ko Win Lwin),
    volleyball (Ko Maung Maung, Ko Myint Maung),
    swimming (Ko Htay Aung, Ko Sein Myint, Ko Win Maung),
    accordion (Ko Tin Maung Aye)
  • At the recent gathering, Ko Aung Gyi Shwe could not remember Ko Toby (Tobias Kittim Ku).
    Ko Aung Gyi Shwe attributed the incident to forgetting his glasses or having a senior moment.
    Both passed away in 2021.
  • Myint Thaung wrote :
    Wish all seniors to be in good health and wealth.
  • Aung Min wrote :
    Dreaming to celebrate my 80th birthday

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