RIT69er Gatherings

Update : October 18, 2021

  • 69ers celebrated the True Golden Jubilee of Graduation on December 14, 2019.
  • As of October 18, 2021,
    115 from the Class of 69 have left the world.
  • Before the pandemic, they used to meet at least once every month.
    Several have hosted or co-hosted the breakfast, lunch and dinner gatherings.
    The Mike Khes (Po So Chins) often entertain with live and Karaoke music.
  • The following photos were taken by several 69ers.
    Hope some can caption them and provide interesting comments.

Taw Win Hnin Si (Royal Rose)

During my visit to Yangon in January and February 2018, I was host and guest of several 69 gatherings.

69ers in February 2018
Tin Aung Win (Oscar), Tin Maung Aye (Accordion), Aye Thein (Volleyball)
David Myint Thein (Rowing), Aye Lwin (RIT Magazine)
  • The restaurant is owned by U Soe Nyunt (Old Paulian, GBNF), who managed to get the “SPHS Honor Roll” after SPHS got hospitalized.
  • Attendees range from the 30’s and 40’s to 60’s (or more depending on the health and availability).
    For example, Soe Thein (Peter Myint Maung) has to ask his daughter to drive to the gatherings.
  • 69ers usually book two adjacent rooms and turn them into a single large room for holding the monthly breakfast gatherings.
  • There are hosts to celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries, and sometimes welcome classmates visiting from overseas.
  • Win Maung (Lake) had to pick up U Okkantha (Uzin Victor Aung Chaw, Sagaing Hills) to attend the gatherings.
  • Those who spend time outside Yangon (e.g. Zau Lai, Myitkyina) have to come a long way to meet, greet and fete with their former classmates.
  • Several annual gatherings were held at M3.
Tun Tin, Aung Gyi Shwe, Sa Maung Maung, Tin Aung Win (Oscar)


Myint Pe, Kyaw Nyunt, Ma Thaung Htwe, Ma Myint Myint, Saw Yu Tint

  • The 69ers book around 10 tables.
    They are provided a stage for the Karaoke and Live Music.
  • U Tint Lwin (Daniel) can play the lead, rhythm, bass and drums. Saya U Win Mra taught Daniel and his brothers to play guitar, and encouraged them to set up their own band.
    Danny is also a vocalist.
  • U Kyaw Min (Albert) is proud to be called “Elvis”.
    He has sung in gatherings (with international companies).
  • U Win Boh (Robert) played in various gatherings in Australia and Myanmar.
  • Some 69ers (Tin Maung Aye, Than Myaing, Khin Maung Tint, Aye Lwin, Win Lwin, Myo Nyunt, …) were RIT Ah Nu Pyinnya Shins and organizers, but some have given up their hobbies to spend quality time with their loved ones.
  • “Pho Pho” U Aung Min and “Ah Pho Gyi Tone Kyaw” U Han Sein (GBNF) are some of the regulars at the 69er gatherings.

Crystal Jade

  • Around SPZP-2012, an ad hoc lunch gathering was held to meet some 69ers from overseas (attending the SPZP-2012).
  • U Tin Win (Mining) footed the bill.
  • The attendees (who had bought the lunch tickets) agreed to donate the ticket sales to the 69er Fund.
Myint Thein (Kabar, GBNF), Sein Myint, Win Maung, Hla Min
Ko Shwe, Daniel Tint Lwin, Sein Tun, Ohn Khine (M70), Myat Soe Lwin (Sai Hwet), Aung Min
  • In 2016, there was an ad hoc breakfast gathering to welcome U Sein Myint and me, and to bid farewell to Daniel.

Westin Park

  • Daw Myint Myint (C69) hosted a lunch gathering to welcome Daw Nyunt Nyunt Wai (Millie, T69).


There have been gatherings at may other places including Shwe Bei, Bone Kyaung (or nearby shop), Cafe on Saya San Lann, YTU Assembly Hall, …

Invitation to GJ

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