Prisoners of Conscience

Update : April 2, 2022

  • There are thousands who were unjustly imprisoned by the Adhamma Regime.

U Han Sein (C69, GBNF)

  • Represented Rangoon Institute of Technology (RIT) in
    Swimming, Water Polo, Diving and Basketball.
  • Sentenced by the Adhamma Regime to serve 20 years in prison.
  • Many classmates were unaware of his imprisonment.
    He was unintentionally listed in the GBNF List of the 69ers.
    He became a “Tone Kyaw“.
  • Served 17 years.
  • After the release, he was active in Latha Township and the 69er Activities.
  • Volunteer Photographer at the 69er Gatherings.
  • Succumbed to the pandemic.
U Han Sein (Ah Pho Gyi, GBNF)

Daw Nge Ma Ma Than (GBNF)

  • Youngest child of U Aung Than (brother of Boyoke Aung San and Arzanee U Ba Win)
  • Studied and taught at Universities Computer Center (UCC), Department of Computer Science (DCS) and Institute of Computer Science and Technology (ICST).
  • She was a Prisoner of Conscience.
    She, her husband (U Myint Swe, UCC, DCS, ICST) and her brother were imprisoned by the Adhamma Regime
  • She smiled a lot (even when her health was failing).
    She was concerned about former Prisoners of Conscience.
Daw Nge Ma Ma Than (GBNF)

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