UCC Memories

UCC Saya U Thein Oo

Update : January 18, 2022

  • He was known as “Ah Thay Lay“.
  • He is another example of “Great men are short“.
  • He is an entrepreneur (since his school days).
  • He supposedly paid his school fees from his winnings from “Ta Chut Hmok / Show” (and similar card games).
    With great control and having excellent strategies, he was never victimized by “over-emotional” card players.
  • He was also good in sports :
    as a “lifter” in volleyball
    and as a “smasher” in table tennis.
  • He received B.Com in 1969
  • He joined the Department of Commerce
  • He later transferred to UCC as Application Programmer along with Bo Shoke, Ko Htin Kyaw and Ko Tun Shwe.
  • His mentors include Saya Dr. Khin Mg Kyi (who attended the University as a monk & is known for his debating style).
    Ko Thein Oo is equally good as his mentor and may be even better.
  • Saya found his soul mate (Than Than Tint) at UCC.
    Or is it Thant Thant Tin (or the permutations)?
    On their early date, a Sayama from Commerce Department saw them and broke the news to UCC Sayas.
  • They and their family members (son, daughter-in-law) operate ACE and its subsidiaries.
  • Ko Thein Oo and Ko Tin Win Aung co-founded the first “training & services” company.
  • Ko Thein Oo has served in various capacities (President …) in MCF and similar organizations.
  • He would entertain (e.g. with Naga Ni song) at the UCC and ICST Gatherings.

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