UCC Memories

UCC Saya Dr. Tin Maung

Update : January 17, 2022

Dr. Tin Maung
  • He is the son of Saya Kar (who served as Education Minister in the Care Taker Government).
  • He joined the Department of Mathematics as Tutor.
  • He went for further studies in UK.
  • Upon his return, he was promoted to Lecturer.
  • He later received his doctorate from Queen Mary’s College.
  • He succeeded Saya Chit as Director of UCC.
  • During his tenure, DCS (Department of Computer Science) was established.
    Saya Lay served as Professor.
    Saya TAG served as Associate Professor.
    I was a Lecturer.
  • In 1987, ICST (Institute of Computer Science and Technology) was established with Saya Dr. Tin Maung as Rector.
  • There were four Departments :
    Information Technology (with Saya Lay as Professor and Head)
    Hardware Technology (with Saya TAG as Associate Professor and Head)
    Software Technology (with Yours Truly as Associate Professor and Head)
    Computational Mathematics (to be taught by sayas from UCC and RU Maths)
  • Bachelor degree courses in CS and CT were given.
  • In the first batch, there were 30 CS and 15 CT students.
    Two later became Rectors.
  • Saya did not live long enough to attend the 40th Anniversary of UCC.
    Sayagadaw and Saya’s daughter attended the gathering held at MICT Park.
  • Due to resources, Acariya Pu Zaw Pwes were not held annually.
  • The 4th Acariya Pu Zaw Pwe took place in 2011.
  • 26 batches (from ICST and UCSY) host the 5th Acariya Pu Zaw Pwe on January 14, 2018.
  • The 6th Acariya Pu Zaw Pwe took place in December 2019.

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