UCC Memories

UCC Saya U MyaThein

Update : January 17, 2022

  • U Mya Thein earned the nick name “Bo Shoke” at the Institute of Economics.
  • His first nick name was “Bo Gyoke” because he had his hair cut like Bogyoke Aung San.
  • He was a bright student.
    He would “explain” the lectures in a room to his fellow students.
    Turn out was larger than that at the regular classes given by the sayas.
  • He had a vast array of General Knowledge.
  • He would read books on religion, medicine, engineering … and would get involved in lots of activities thereby earning the name “Bo Shoke” (Master of Meddling).
  • He joined the Commerce Department as a tutor.
  • When UCC was formed, it needed people with diverse talents.
  • Bo Shoke, Ah Thay Lay (U Thein Oo, founder of ACE Computers), Ko Po (U Htin Kyaw, President) and “Hne Khun Hmwe Minthar” (U Tun Shwe) transferred to UCC from IE.
  • U Mya Thein and U Thein Oo majored in Commerce.
  • U Htin Kyaw and U Tun Shwe majored in Statistics.
  • They all became Application Programmers.
  • Bo Shoke was outspoken.
    During a visit to UCC, VIPs (Ministers, Deputy ministers, …) were standing and waiting for U San Yu.
    Bo Shoke entered the room and shouted, “Sit down”.
    All complied. (What a surprise!)
  • Bo Shoke not only taught at UCC, but he also lectured to the monks at the International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University.
  • He also helped Medical and Engineering Students.
  • One day Bo Shoke’s father carried a bunch of bananas to UCC.
    He asked U Tun Kywe, an army veteran serving as security, the office of Saya U Myo Min (Business Applications Manager).
    When he found out that Saya Myo was not much older than his son, he went downstairs and then handed the bunch of bananas to the elderly U Tun Kywe.
    Like father, like son.
  • I succeeded Saya Myo
  • Later Bo Shoke succeeded me as Business Application Manager.
  • There was only one who could contest Bo Shoke.
  • It was his sister-in-law.

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