Burma in My Life Time

Update : January 10, 2022

  • Chief Librarian of Rangoon University
    and was succeeded by Saya U Thein Han (Zawgyi).
  • Founder-Director of BBS (Burma Broadcasting Service)
    and was succeeded by his cousin U Pe Thaw.
  • Known as BBS U Khin Zaw
    and as “K” (writer and translator).
  • Wrote “Burma in My Life-Time“.
U Khin Zaw
  • Unlike other countries which provide “Grand Father Clause” for changes, the Myanmar authorities (in charge of Censorship) would not allow books with “Burma” in their titles to be reprinted without changing Burma to Myanmar.
  • So, the book written by U Khin Zaw (“K”) had to be reprinted as “Myanmar in My Life-Time”.
  • Maurice Collis’s classic book “Trials in Burma” was forced to be renamed “Trials in Myanmar”.
  • U Wint Khin Zaw (A79), Saya’s son, is an avid golfer.
    He provided access to his golf club building for the Alumni Gathering in Sydney, Australia in 2006.
    Saya U Hla Myint (Charlie, M65) and Saya U Myo Win (Melvin, M/Ag65, GBNF) were co-chairs of that gathering.
  • He posted the book via air.

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