Burmese Publications

Update : January 8, 2022

  • Ko Henry Lim (Aung Myint) left RIT before graduation.
  • Served as Chief Editor of the BAPS Newsletter.
  • Also served as Associate Editor of the Commemorative Issue of RIT Alumni International Newsletter for SPZP-2000.
  • Published bilingual Golden Padauk Magazine in the SF Bay Area.
  • Doctors advised him to take a break while waiting for kidney transplant.
  • Briefly published trilingual Durian Magazine.
  • Several years ago, I received some issues of Ahara Magazine that was published in Japan.
  • Ko Kyaw Win helped with the publication before moving to the SF Bay Area.
  • For some time, he moved back to Burma.
  • Saw him at a Fund Raiser at Newark Pavilion.
  • Ko Maung Maung Kyi was a swimmer and a medical doctor in his younger days in Burma.
  • He founded Mandalay Gazette in Southern California with the help of his spouse and colleagues.
  • Ko Kai (Thakin Kai Bwor) joined RIT in the 80s and saw three years of school closure due to Security Concerns.
  • Graduated with Mechanical in the early 90s.
  • Moved to Japan and settled in USA.
  • Helped Mandalay Gazette.
  • Later founded Myanmar Gazette with his spouse.
  • The free distribution of the Gazette is supported in part by paid advertisements (doctors, dentists, insurance agents, realtors, …).
  • The online version can be downloaded (e.g from SCRIB-D).
  • A local TV station interviewed Ko Kai.
  • It is not easy to publish and/or maintain Burmese newspaper, journal or magazine overseas.

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