Update : January 7, 2022

  • Time arrow apparently moves forward.
    One grows older and dies.
  • Science fiction covered Time Machines.
    One could ride them into the Past and Future.
  • No one has found a Reverse Time arrow that moves backward.
    Its discovery would give us hope of anti-aging.

Kenneth and Lillian Galbraith — authors of “Cheaper by the dozen” — are known for their “Time and Motion Study” experiments.

For those who want to read but do not have much time, there are books such as “Five minute biographies”, “One minute manager”, and “Time management”.

Those who want teasers and book summaries can subscribe to Blinkist.

Time saving tips include

  • checking emails and messages only at specified times
  • classifying emails and messages by priority, urgency (e.g. to respond or take action)
  • have a period of solitude (and without the electronic devices)
  • Calendars
  • Clocks

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