Month: January 2022


Update : January 21, 2022 Saya of our sayas Passed away on December 2, 2020 (a few days short of his Centennial Birthday). Attended most SPZPs starting with SPZP-2000. Skipped SPZP-2002 to take care of Sayagadaw. Saya of our sayas Attended SPZP-2000 and selected PZPs. Served as Line […]

UCC General

Update : January 19, 2022 Prolog GBNF Courses at UCC Win Myint (1) (2) (3) History Gatherings Activities Soul Mates U Soe Myint (GBNF) Anniversary Soon Kway Dr. Htay Lwin Nyo (GBNF) Daw Nge Ma Ma Than (GBNF) Four decade old photo Epilog Prolog In the early days, […]

Memories of UCC (38 to 42)

Update : January 19, 2022 Memories of UCC (38) Burmese typing, spelling, and word processing During our lifetime, we have witnessed many examples of “Technical Obsolescence” and “Disruptive Technologies”. Typewriters English Typewriter Remington produced typewriters for English. There are other typewriter manufacturers, but Remington typewriters were widely used […]

Memories of UCC (16 to 26)

Update : January 19, 2022 Memories of UCC (16) Dr. San Tint (External Examiner, GBNF) Graduated in 1961 Joined the EE (Electrical Engineering) Department as Assistant Lecturer. When EE Department formally split into EC and EP Departments, he became Professor of EC (Electrical Communications AKA Electronics Engineering). Staunch […]