RIT Memories

Meeting Places

Update : December 29, 2021

Taw Win Hnin Si

The Class of 69 usually meet for the monthly breakfast gathering at Royal Rose Restaurant.

The restaurant is owned by U Soe Nyunt (SPHS66).

U Soe Nyunt recovered the SPHS (St. Paul’s High School) Honor Roll, which went missing after the Nationalization.

Sein Hlyan

The Intake of 65 (aka as the Class of 71) usually meet for their monthly gathering at Sein Hlyan.

The restaurant was owned by U Han Tun Maung, a multiple sports athlete.

U Han Tun Maung

  • played Football for SPHS
  • competed in Inter-School Track & Field
  • served as President of OPA (Old Paulians’ Association) and Kokkine Swimming Club
  • His family owned a stable and his pet horse was “Sein Hlyan”.


  • Panda
  • Western Park
  • M3
  • Shwe Bei
  • Morning Star

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