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Medals, Cups and Shields

Update : December 29, 2021

Rangoon University

  • Saya U Htin Paw (EE58, GBNF) stood first in his final year class.
    He is a double gold medalist.
    He received a letter from Saya U Yu Khin, Registrar of Rangoon University.
    He was requested to pay 150 kyats for each gold medal because the original endowment no longer covered the rising price of gold
  • Saya U Soe Paing (EE) tied with Saya Dr. Tin Win (M62) and another student for the highest marks in Mathematics in I.Sc. Combined
    Since three gold medals were to be awarded, each student was asked to pay for the cost of the gold medal.


  • In the early days, RUBC (Rangoon University Boat Club) used to award cups to the winning teams.
  • In the later days, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.
    For obvious reasons, the medals are plated.
  • The President of the Union of Burma donated the “President’s Challenge Cup for Inter-Club Eights.”
    It replaced U Nyo’s Challenge Cup.
    In the inaugural competition, RUBC beat the combined team of Calcutta Lake Club and Calcutta University Rowing Club.
  • The Prime Minister of the Union of Burma donated the “Prime Minister’s Challenge Cup for Inter-Club Fours.”
  • During our times, P. Orr Tun Yin was a primary supplier of the cups and medals.
  • U Hla Din and sons became the secondary source.


  • For soccer, there was “Dunlop Shield (Daing)”
  • In some International competitions, the two losing semi-finalists are jointly awarded third prize.
    So, the number of bronze medals can be higher than the number of gold medals.
  • Due to the use of tie-breakers, we rarely have joint champions.
    Only in a few instances (e.g. the clock cannot discriminate the two winners), two gold medals were awarded to the joint champions.

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