Two Poets (TEDx Inya)

Update : December 23, 2021

U Nay Oke Tint (St. Paul’s) gave a talk on two poets at TEDx InyaLake in 2016

Minthuwun (U Wun)

  • Founded Khit San Sar Pay with Theikpan Maung Wa (ICS U Sein Tin) and Zawgyi (U Thein Han)
  • Laureate Poet
  • Author
  • Lexicographer (Myanmar Abhidan, Burmese-Japanese Dictionary)
  • Head, Translation Department, Rangoon University
  • Professor, Burmese Department, Rangoon University
  • Visiting Professor, Osaka University, Japan
    Collaborated with Professor Harada (Chit Mann Nwe)

Daw Khin Saw Mu

  • Khit San Kabyar
  • Statuette in “Bagyi Aung Nyar De” (short story)
  • Siblings : ICS U Tin Tut, U Kyaw Myint, U Myint Thein, Dr. Htin Aung, Daw Khin Mya Mu, Daw Tin Saw Mu
  • Spouse : ICS U Ba Tint
  • Children : Daw Khin Saw Tint, U Nay Oke Tint

TEDx Talk

  • Two Poets and their Legacy on Kabyar
  • Main Characters from “Bagyi Aung Nyar De
    ICS U Tin Tut (Bagyi Aung)
    Minthuwun (Maung Chit)
    Daw Khin Saw Mu (Statuette)
    ICS U Ba Tint (Merchant / Buyer of Statuette)
  • All four have passed away
  • It’s time to debunk the myth about “Bagyi Aung”.
    Many thought that he was Dr. Htin Aung.

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