Gatherings (Album)

Update : December 20, 2021

RIT Alumni International

  • Founded by San Francisco Bay Area Group led by Saya Allen Htay
  • Hosted the First RIT Grand Reunion and Saya Pu Zaw Pwe in October 2000.



  • Welcome Sayas visiting Northern California
  • Tenth Anniversary of the Founding of RIT Alumni International
  • Celebrations (Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Retirement, Appreciation …)

Gathering hosted by Steeve Kay (EC70)

  • Steeve is a Multiple Golden Sponsor of Saya Pu Zaw Pwe (SPZP)
  • About a decade ago, he hosted a gathering in Southern California to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of his arrival in USA.
  • Some are his former classmates : Ko Benny Tan (M70), Ko Zaw Min Nawaday (EP70) and Ko Htin Aung (Richard, M70).
  • Steeve thanked Ko Henry Khoo (EC67) picking him up at the San Francisco International air port upon his arrival to the USA.
  • Three (Dr. Chris Lee, Dr. Zaw Tun and Ko Sam Chin (ChE62, who worked at Unilever) were active in the Burmese American Associations in Southern California.
  • Steeve requested me not to retire, but to re-tire (stay active with worthwhile projects).
  • SPZP-2000
  • SPZP-2002
  • SPZP-2004
  • SPZP-2007
  • SPZP-2010
  • SPZP-2012
  • SPZP-2016
  • Micro Gatherings
  • Mini Gatherings
  • Discipline wide Gatherings
  • Celebrations

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