Rangoon University

U Yu Khin & Richard

Update : December 20, 2021

Dean U Yu Khin and RU Student Athletes

U Yu Khin

  • Dean
  • Chairman, Sports Promotion Committee
  • Former National Doubles Champion in Badminton
  • Registrar, Rangoon University
    Helped the establishment of RC (Recreation Center)
  • Former Warden, Prome Hall
    known for excellent Soccer teams
  • Later moved to Bagan Road Residence
  • After retirement from RU, he was offered lucrative job as Consultant in several countries.
    He opted to stay in Burma and found IFL (Institute of Foreign Languages).
  • Spouse : Dr. Daw Phay
    who was close to Dr. Daw Yin May and helped deliver Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint (Johnny Kyaw Myint), U Htin Kyaw (Peter Wun) and several others.
  • Children :
    Dr. Marie Yu Khin (Medical doctor in Australia)
    Dr. Richard Yu Khin (Economist in USA)

Richard Yu Khin

  • Matriculated from MEHS in 1961
  • Also passed GCE
  • Represented Rangoon University and Burma in 1961 SEAP Games held in Rangoon.
    Teamed up with U Maung Maung Lwin (Jamie, Commodore of the Rangoon Sailing Club, Olympian weightlifter, Publisher) to win a Gold Medal in Yachting.
  • Left RU before graduation to pursue studies in the USA.
  • Completed a Doctorate in Economics from Yale University.
  • Lives in Dallas, Texas.
  • Has two Facebook pages :
    one for Personal,
    another for Sailing
  • Shared a photo of the Rangoon University Athletes who represented Burma in the Second SEAP Games held in Rangoon in December 1961.
  • Commented on my post on Swimming.
    A Japanese coach trained selected swimmers led by Tin Maung Ni and including Richard Yu Khin.
  • Commented on my post on Matriculates.
    Provided information about top MEHS matriculates.
  • Posted about former sayas and students of MEHS.
  • Posted a photo of Pagan and Sagaing Road residents.
    Children of U Yu Khin, U Wun (Minthuwun), U Thein Han (Zawgyi) and U Myo Min (English Professor) became Ph.Ds, medical doctors and professors.

Richard Yu Khin’s Post
(in 2018)

If you have spare time visit “Hla Min” Facebook page which provides excellent & amazing historical information of my generation. I have for years been trying to find information about Ko Ba Min who kindly met me at the helicopter landing site when I arrived at Berkeley, California in August 1963. I was trying to decide whether to attend UC-Berkeley or Yale. I stayed a week in Berkeley, 4 days at the International House and 3 days at Ko Ba Min’s apartment because I became home-sick. Every one there told me to choose Yale. Ko Ba Min then was studying for a Master’s degree in Mathematics at UC-Berkeley. I have often wondered what happened to Ko Ba Min. On “Hla Min” website I found out Ko Ba Min returned to Burma to teach Mathematics and Astronomy and then resigned for medical reasons. Thank you for that information. During my teenage years Ko Ba Min and Peter Kyaw Sein would frequently visit Pagan Road to view the belles of our neighborhood.


At Berkeley I met Dr. U Myint (later Economic Advisor to President Thein Sein) who was preparing to defend his PhD dissertation and a Burma state scholar studying for PhD in physics or chemistry. Miss Cobb who is a friend of my aunt when she attended UC-Berkeley in 1950 took me on a tour of San Francisco. She told me to visit her cousin who was the Chaplain at Yale University. Reverend Coffin later became leader of the anti-Vietnam War movement in USA.


  • Oak Soe Kha wrote :
    Lived at Pagan Road as well, opposite Richard’s house. We are childhood friends, hanging out in the University campus. My father (Dr. Maung Maung Kha) and uncle Yu Khin worked close together. Apart from us, U Aung Khin (Chemistry), U Ba Nyunt (Chit Doke Kha, History) were residents of Pagan Road also. Professor U Myo Min (English) lived on Sagaing Road, as did Dr. Htin Aung (Rector) and not Pagan Road.
  • Ko Ba Min matriculated from St. Paul’s High School in 1956.
    He studied Mathematics and Astronomy at University of California at Berkeley.
    After returning from USA, he stayed with his brother in the Port Commissioner Quarters in Windermere Crescent (off Inya Road).
    Played records (such as Peter, Paul and Mary; Joan Baez) that he brought back from the USA.
    He taught at Rangoon University and Mandalay University.
    When he was transferred to Myitkyina College, he submitted resignation citing his health.
    He ran a shop in Zay Cho. Japanese tourists were surprised and delighted to find out that Ko Ba Min studied with their professor at Berkeley. They took photos of Ko Ba Min to show to their professor.
  • U Kyaw Sein is an early graduate from Rangoon University (in 1928).
    He served as Chief Engineer of National Housing Board.
    Children : Peter Kyaw Sein, Victor Kyaw Sein, Ruby Kyaw Sein …

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