Class of 6X

Class of 60

Update : December 14, 2021

Feedback provided by U Aye (M62, HIC/FAO/UN) (Retired) :

Information about UHtay Swe (EE60), U Taik Lwin (C60), U Lay Lwin (C60), U Khin Zaw (C60), U Soe Lin (C60), U Kan Aye (C60), U Soe Kyaw (C60), U Khin Maung Win (M60), U Than Ngwe (C60), U Khin Maung (M60), U Than Htut (EE60), U Hla Thein (C60), U Bo Lay (M60), U Kyaw Htin (C60), U Nyan Tun (EE60), U Aung Zaw Win (ChE60), U Tha Tun Aung (ChE60), U Tin Ohn (C60), U Hla Tin (C60), U Hla Shein (M60), U Maung Maung (PH60), U Aung Tun (M60), U Hla Shwe (M60), U Kyaw Win (Met60), U Than Shwe (Met60), U Hla Thein (C60), U Maung Maung Myo Nyunt (EE60), Nelson Khaing (M60), U Tun Aung Zaw (M60), U Tun Yee (EE60), U Ba Swe (C60)

GBNF means Gone But Not Forgotten

U Tun Aye (C60)

  • Amara Hall, volleyball player Captain
  • He was from Nyaungdon

U Tun Aung (C60)

  • Secretary of Prome Hall S&R (1958-59)
  • Prome Hall football team member

U Htay Swe (EE60)

  • He was from St Patrick’s HS. Moulmein.
    He matriculated the same year with U Aung Tun (DI) .
  • Passed away while on state scholarship to the US.

U Taik Lwin (C60)

  • Major, GE (Retired), GBNF
  • Director, HIC

U Lay Lwin (C60)

  • Major, GE (Retired)
  • Director, TSC
  • Ministry of Industry 2

U Khin Zaw (C60)

  • Major, GE (Retired)

U Soe Lin (C60)

  • Construction Corp. (Retired)

U Kan Aye (C60)

  • Director (Public Works) (Retired)
  • CC
  • He was from Moulmein

U Soe Kyaw (C60)

  • MOC (Retired)
  • He was from Thaton

U Khin Mg Win (M60)

  • EE, BPI ( Retired)
  • He was from Morton Lane Judson HS, Moulmein

U Than Ngwe (C60, GBNF)

  • CC (Retired
  • He was from Mandalay and brother of the late U Than Shwe

U Khin Mg (M60)

  • ECC (Retired)
  • He was from Moulmein.

U Than Htut (EE60)

  • ECC (Retired)

U Hla Thein (C60)

  • CC (Retired)
  • Prome Hall selected footballer.

U Bo Lay (M 60)

  • EE Mechanical (Retired)
  • Irrigation Dept.

U Kyaw Htin (C60)

  • Construction corporation
  • He was from St.Patrick’s HS, Mawlamyine

U Nyan Tun (EE60)

  • EPC
  • He was from SHS No.1, Mawlamyine

U Aung Zaw Win (Ch60)

  • Col. DI/HIC ( Retired)

U Tha Tun Aung (Ch60)

  • Maj. DI(Retired)
  • Director HIC (Retired)

U Tin Ohn (C60)

  • Port Commissioners, Yangon.(Retired)
  • Went for further study in Australia.
  • He was from SHS No.1, Mawlamyine.

U Hla Tin (C60)

  • Irrigation (Retired)
  • A writer/poet (Kaytu Win Tint), my mentor, senior colleague from Prome Hall, he was in room no. 102, while I was in room 108.
  • He was from Toungoo.

U Hla Shein (M60)

  • Asst Lecturer ,1960-61
  • Moved to CC
  • Manager, Insein Workshop
  • Part time lecturer on mechanized construction.

U Maung Maung (Public Health 60)

  • Major-GE(Retired)
  • UNICEF (Sierra Leone)
  • UNICEF(New York)
  • He was from Morton Lane Judson HS, Mawlamyine
  • During his assignment in FAO project in Sierra Leone, U Aye met U Maung Maung in Freetown

U Aung Tun (M60)

  • Major(Retired), Defense Industries (DI)
  • St. Patrick’s HS, Mawlamyine
  • Prome Hall selection in football and basketball

U Hla Shwe (M60)

  • Lt Col (Retired), Defense Industries

U Kyaw Win (Met60)

  • Lt Col (Retired), Defense Industries

U Than Shwe (Met60, GBNF)

  • Lt Col, Defense Industries
  • MD -Heavy Industries Corp.(HIC)
  • Minister for Industries

U Hla Thein (C60)

  • From State HS No,1, Mawlamyine
  • Ramanya Hall basketball star
  • Yangon City Development (GNBF)

U Mg Mg Myo Nyunt (EE60)

  • Major (DI) (Retired)
  • (also known as Ko Than Nyunt at Prome Hall)
  • President of SPARKS (1958-59)

Nelson Khaing (M60)

  • Major (DI) (Retired)
  • Dy. Supdt No.4HI

U Tun Aung Zaw (M60)

  • Ministry of Mines
  • Per U Aye : He was my senior neighbour at Prome Hall in 1958-59), room number 107, while I was in room number 108.

U Tun Yee (EE60)

  • Dy. Director (Electrical), Public Works
  • Per U Aye : He was from Prome Hall, known for body building, our instructor for body building in his room, 1958-59.

U Ba Swe (C60)

  • Dy. Director ( Water/ Sanitation), Public Works
  • Per U Aye : Volleyball team mate Prome Hall selection in 1958-59

U Tin Htoon (A60)

  • Past Captain and Gold, RUBC
  • ARAE Champion
    Coxless Pairs (Calcutta, 1958) with Dr. Harry Saing (GBNF)
    Coxed Fours (Colombo, 1960) with Dr. Harry Saing (GBNF), Sunny Teng, Victor Htun Shein (GBNF) and Sein Htoon
  • Silver medalist with Hla Khin
    SEAP Games Yachting
  • Retired after working in Myanmar, Singapore and California (USA)
  • Co-founder, Triple Gems Publication
  • Compiled Photo Albums with Ko Htaik San (Henry Kao) for his parents, two elder brothers (U Tin U and U Ba Than) and a nephew (Dr. Peter Tun, who passed away with COVID-19 in UK)
U Tin Htoon, Chair

U Aung Kyee Myint (A60)

  • Co-founded Architects Incorporated with U Bo Gyi and U Tin Htoon
  • Retired as Chief Architect, PWD

U Kin Maung Yin (A60, GBNF)

  • Modern Art
  • Movie Director

Koon Yin Chu (A60)

  • Also known as Phillip Chu
  • First in Burma in the Matriculation of 1954 from SPHS
  • First in the Class of A60
  • Moved to the USA

Saya Dr. Maung Maung Win (ChE60, GBNF)

  • Retired as Professor of Chemical Engineering

Saya U Tin Htut (M60)

  • Past Captain and Gold, RUBC
  • Taught Industrial Management
    Formerly taught by sayas from Social Science and Institute of Economics
  • Co-founder, BASES
  • Financial Controller
    2015 RIT Alumni Reunion in Los Angeles
  • Donor to various RIT-related projects (e.g Library Modernization)

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