Gone But Not Forgotten

U Ba Toke

Update : December 12, 2021

  • Sayagyi is a Phwa Bet Taw of RU (Rangoon University) and the first RU Students’ Strike.
  • Sayagyi is a saya of our sayas.
    His students include Saya U Ba Than, Saya Dr. Aung Gyi, Saya U Min Wun, and Saya U Khin Aung Kyi.
  • Tekkatho Maung Thin Char (Dr. Khin Maung Swe) wrote a book in the life of Sayagyi, and published by the Thin Char Mi Thar Su as the 80th Birthday Present for Sayagyi.
  • I have an autographed copy.
  • Sayagyi served as Professor of Mathematics at RU and Rector at MU.
  • He requested to transfer to RIT as Professor of Mathematics.
    He taught post graduate students and selected classes for senior undergraduates.
  • After retirement, Sayagyi served as Associate Dean at Assumption University.
  • Sayagyi loves sports.
  • He played soccer in his younger days.
  • He served as Vice Chair of RU Sports Council.
  • He led the Burma team to the Tokyo Olympics in 1964.
  • He served as Commandant of the LYC (Lu Ye Chun) Camp.
  • Sayagyi attended SPZPs starting with SPZP-2000.
  • He had to skip SPZP-2002 due to Sayagadaw’s health.
  • Sayagyi was healthy and alert till his late 80s.
  • Sayagyi passed away on December 2, 2020 (the day following the RU Centennial Celebrations).
  • He missed his Centennial birthday by a few days.
  • Saya was predeceased by his spouse and two children (out of eight).

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