UCC Memories

Transfer of Knowledge

Update : December, 2021

Dr. Chit Swe
  • Dr. Chit Swe (Founder / Director of UCC) firmly believed in Transfer of Knowledge and Technology.
  • For the UCC Project, several distinguished Computing Professionals gave courses — short term and long term.
  • Professor Harry D Huskey (UCSC) and Professor Anthony Ralston (SUNY, Buffalo) were Past ACM Presidents.
    They taught courses on
    “History of Computers”,
    “Structured Programming”,
    “PASS (Compiler)”,
    “ZIP (Interpreter)”

  • Professor Michael Stonebraker (then at UC Berkeley) gave a short course at UCC on Relational DBMS in general, and Ingres in particular.
    A few years back, he won the Prestigious ACM Turing Award and the $1 M prize.
    He joined Charles Bachmann, E F Codd and Jim Gray as DBMS Gurus to win the Turing Award,
    He is the lone Serial Entrepreneur among the 70 ACM Turing Award Winners.
  • There were several other visiting Professors (e.g Peter Wegner, Foreman Acton) and IT Professionals (e.g. Sheldon Bacchus).

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