Gone But Not Forgotten

GBNF in 2017

Update : December 12, 2021

  • U Boon Pin : 19th Mar 2017
  • Dr. Aung Thwin (Alfred, SPHS63, USA) : Mar 2017
  • Kyaw Swe Thet (M)
  • Saya U Myo Win (Melvyn, M65, Australia)
  • U Aung Myint (M67, USA)
  • U Tin Myint (M69, USA)
  • U Myint Thein (Kabar, M69)
  • U Chit Tin (EC69)
  • Saya U Thein Lwin (EE, Singapore)
  • Sayama Daw May Than Nwe (Phy, Singapore)
  • Dr. Myo San (Freddie, SPHS63)
  • U Myint Sein (Bobby, SPHS64)
  • Saw Yan Naing (C68) : 3rd Dec 2017
  • U Boon Pin

U Boon Pin (Class of 48/49)

U Boon Bin (Class of 48/49), father of Ko San Lin (Robert, EC73) and uncle of Ko Johnson Lim, Chan passed away peacefully in Taiwan on March 19, 2017.

Dr. Aung Thwin (SPHS63)

Dr. Aung Thwin (SPHS63)

U Myo Win (M/Ag65)

U Myo Win and Auto Club Members

Saya U Myo Win (Melvyn, M65, Australia) rowed for RIT. He co-managed the RIT Auto Club. He and Saya U Hla Myint (Charlie, M65) oversaw the RIT Gathering in Sydney in 2006 (and more).

U Aung Myint (M67)

U Aung Myint (M67, US) worked with U Win Thein (M67, GBNF) on “Set Hmu Thadin Zin” and Mechanical Magazine. He passed away in Northern California, USA.

U Myint Thein (M69)

Yet Lei Invitation for Kabar

U Myint Thein (Kabar, M69) was a Core organizer from the Class of 69. He found his health deteriorating while doing medical check up and treatment in Singapore, India and Yangon. He passed away on 24th Oct 2017

U Chit Tin (EC69)


U Chit Tin (EC69) moved back to Yangon after working in Singapore for several years. There were only eleven who graduated with EC (Elecctrical Communications) in 1969. Three are now GBNF (Gone But Not Forgotten). U Kyaw Soe, U Aung Thu Yein (Brownie) and U Chit Tin have left us.

U Chit Tin (EC69, Nyaung Oo) succumbed to liver cancer on (9 November, 2017) 1:30 pm at his home. Per his wish, the services were performed the same day.

Two Fallen Comrades (Ko Chit Tin and Ko Myint Thein)

Ko Chit Tin and Ko Myint Thein (Kabar) are remembered by their 69er classmates. They passed away within five weeks.

From Ashin Pannagavesaka

GBNF. We are also bound to follow our dear friends, sooner or later.

From David Myint Thein

We can’t say when, but, definitely, we have to follow Maung Kabar and Bo Chit one day.

From Myint Myint

ၾသ ျဖစ္ရတယ္။ သတိရပါတယ္ သူငယ္ခ်င္း တို႔ ကို။

From Tobias Ku

Just a matter if time. Sooner or later we’ll be seeing each other again. Come heaven or hell. RIP KCT.

From Zau Lai

What will be will be. After 20 years the most we all (RIT 69ers) will be gone. From dust to dust. Care one another while we are still here on this earth. My father and my mother were gone. I also must be gone when the time comes. I have no plan to say “No”.

From Ngwe Tun Tun

It is a universal truth my friend KAGS. We must follow this path now and then.

From Ko Thein Swe (EP69)

We (Saw Aung (Rakhine), Zaw Win M69, Nyaung Oo, now Thailand, Ko Chit Tin and I) were together studying in I.Sc A in Mandalay university before joining RIT.

From Ko Aung Khin (EP68)

Please convey my condolences to the family of U Chit Tin.

From Ko Aung Kyaw Pe (EP69)

Very sad to hear the demise of our friend, Ko Chit Tin. It was a shocking news.

From Ma Saw Yu Tint (Alice, T69)

To meet, to love and to part, c’est la vie!!!
So my dear friends do send me flowers when I leave.

From Ko Aung Myint (M69)

Saddened to hear the demise of our friend Ko Chit Tin. I met him a few times in Singapore when he was working there.

My heartfelt condolences to his bereaved family. May his soul rest in peace.

U Saw Yan Naing (C69)

U Saw Yan Naing (Bo Bo, C69) was a room mate of Ko Tun Aung Gyaw (EC69) at RIT. Both were from Meikhtila. After graduation, he moved to Mandalay. We had not seen him after graduation. He married a cousin of Ko Tun Aung Gyaw.

U Tin Myint (M69)

U Tin Myint hosting U Daniel Tint Lwin in San Francisco

U Tin Myint (L. Tan Choy, John T Lee, M69, USA) matriculated from Taunggyi. He was Luyecun for 4th BE. He represented RIT in Table Tennis.
He married Lyo Kyin Sein (Mabel, T69), who played basketball for RIT. They settled in Union City, California. Their daughter (a medical doctor) asked me to give a short address at the funeral service of Ko Tin Myint.

Dr. Myo San (SPHS63)

Dr. Myo San (Freddie Ba San, SPHS63, IM1 70) stood 3rd in Burma in the Matriculation of 1963. He became a surgeon, but had to take early retirement.

U Myint Sein (SPHS64)

U Myint Sein attended Private Primary Boundary Road School (PPBRS) before moving to St. Paul’s High School (SPHS). He matriculated in 1964 and studied B.Com at the Institute of Economics (IE). He is a cousin brother of U Nyunt Tin (M70, RIT Table Tennis).

He served as Principal of BARB (Burma Astro Research Bureau). He taught Medical Astrology at the School of Indigenous Medicine (Taing Yin Saya Pyinnya) in Mandalay. He later founded “Idea Astrology”.

He is GBNF.

Daw Than Than

Sayama Daw Than Than (Chemisty) is the spouse of Saya U Khin Maung Myint (Chemistry, GBNF) and the mother of Ko Wynn Myint Aung (EC76).
She was healthy, but unexpectedly succumbed to pneumonia. She passed away exactly one year after her younger son died.

U Kyaw Zaw

U Kyaw Zaw is the spouse of Sayama Daw Khin Khin Aye (Past Principal, Boundary Road School). He was States Scholar in the early 50s. He studied Motion Pictures (technology …) in the USA. He is the father of Bohmu Thane Myint (spouse of Ma Khin Than Nu (Glory, EC70)).

Dr. Barry Paw

Dr. Barry Paw (MD, Ph.D) is the only child of Saya U Htin Paw (EE58, GBNF, Past President of BEA, Past President of TBSA). He is a nephew of U Tun Thein (A67) and a cousin of Ko Robert Hla Thein (M72). Dr. Barry is Harvard medical school Professor, Boston children Hospital co founder. He succumbed to a heart attack.on Dec 29 in Denver when he flew back from Australia after visiting his aunt and her spouse who passed away unexpectedly. Dr. Barry had to arrange the funeral services of his uncle.

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